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Who is Veilor?

Yeah probably a big question! or not, most likely. Anyway I'm 22 years old from Sweden. I've played games practicly all my life, but it started with kids games on PC(windows 3 and 95). Swedish ones which you've never heard of. And then with age moved on to others such as Tekken 3, Bloody Roar, Spyro, Tombi and other PS1 games. Played a lot of Nintendo also during the growing years, from NES to Gamecube (owns the consoles from NES to GC also). 
I am a big Pokémon fan, I've played the games since the release of Pokémon Blue/Red, I was a happy little ten year old that day. 
Sees myself as a Zelda fan despite having never completed the NES, SNES or portable games.
Played and still playing World of Warcraft, on the EU server ofcourse, on and off since 2006. Started as Horde, now Alliance.
Other than that I follow the gaming news everyday and keeps up-to-date on what's going on!

Consoles I own

SNES (EU Version)
Nintendo 64
Gameboy Pocket
Gameboy Advance
Nintendo DS Lite
PC (stationary & Laptop)
Playstation 2
Xbox 360