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Same happened to me, I created a page two days ago and yesterday I had lost the points on that page but my changes are still there.

This is the page. Editing now starts me over.

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@mrpibb said:

hey all. We've found the issue and will start retroactively modifying points over the next couple of days. I'm sorry it's going to take awhile, but we want to make sure we have the right set of data coming in this time. You won't be impacted from current edits and all the points you had in the old Giant Bomb will just be added/subtracted in. Unfortunately, we won't be able to bring in the other site's wiki points (though Comic Vine point aggregation may happen sometime in the future).

Thanks for your patience!

I created a game page for a new Pokémon game yesterday, had added about 3 Generations of Pokémon and small edits. Math robot gave me about 800+ points for that. Today the wiki contribution list is gone and I tried adding something (still got two generations to add) . And now I only have 2 points but I should have more on the page.

Figured I'd post here as it is maybe the same thing as what has been said in this thread. This is the Pokémon game page.

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I just now noticed the duplicate. I added info and screens earlier today to the one I created. And if you base what should stay on info I believe the second one should stay.

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@Video_Game_King: Yeah I know, same with Gary. but as for now Red is on Ash's alias list and it probably was decided way back sometime.

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I created a page now on the Game of Thrones MMO but accidentilly had a dot added to the end so just remove it Game of Thrones MMO