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@Dagbiker: ok thanks for clearing that up. But why do bosses have to be in two games? Is that something applied only to Pokémon?

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@Dagbiker: So if I understand it correctly there can be character pages created for several Pokémon then? Then my question is HOW unique must a Pokémon be in a game to warrant it's own character page? As in mystery dungeon games Pokémon either talk and have a role or is kind of wild and need help with stuff. And then there's the "boss" Pokémon.

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@Dagbiker: So is Bulbasaur, Squirtle and every other Pokémon if you've played Mystery Dungeon. But I still don't think they should get a character page each one of them. Because in mystery dungeon most Pokémon are unique in some way, they talk and have some story.

: I don't think Mystery Dungeon should apply to that. if that is the case there's a lot more Pokémon that should be getting unique character pages. You can play as several of the Pokémon throughout that series and as I mentioned above they have some sort of role.

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The Pokémon Probopass is not unique in any way and isn't a character. So delete the Character page Probopass, I created a concept page for it and moved the pictures and game to that one (Probopass).

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Delete One Piece: Pirate Warriors as it already exists with the japanese title One Piece Kaizoku Musou. And it hasn't been announced for release outside Japan yet. One Piece: Pirate Warriors has been copywrighted in America and Europe though, so it can probably be added as an alias.

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Pokemon Gym -> Pokémon Gym

Correct spelling of the word Pokémon.

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