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I went over to the Beowulf page and saw two Grendels, searched and saw it was four. So, keep this one, Grendel, and delete: Grendel, Grendel & Grendel

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Elektra Assassin and Blade: Trinity was added recently but they are mobile games and as I understand Giant Bomb doesn't support those anymore. I realised this after I added the concept for them.

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Marvel Universe is officially known as Marvel Heroes and should be renamed to that. Marvel Universe can be added as an alias as many still refer to it as that.


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Disney Universe has been released now for quite some time and need more info on pretty much everything.

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@Veilor said:

F-Zero Climax have two Japan releases.

You didn't fix this, one needs to be deleted.

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A new page for PokéPark 2 was created. It already exists so please delete the new one. Delete THIS ONE and keep THIS.

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A page for RE6 was created. Please delete as it hasn't been confirmed yet. Resident Evil 6

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Rush needs to be renamed as the full name now has been revealed as Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure