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A duplicate was created for the game, could just have searched before creating. Here's the duplicate, and here's the one that already existed.

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Pandas will be playable by both factions.

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Animal Resort -> Zoo Resort 3D, as it's the correct English name.
And then add the full Japanese title to the alias, Animal Resort: Dobutsuen o Tsukurou!!
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Follow me and I'll do the same back.

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So I don't really know what the title should be for this bug I've experienced twice. Anyway here's the deal. Yesterday I started adding ALL the Pokémon for Pokémon Rumble Blast 3DS, that's about 646 Pokémon. I had already added some before and had 298 points. So I started adding, going through the list from start to end..adding every single one I hadn't added before. So over an hour later when I finish I click to save it. Here's when it started, it just loaded for a very long time until that white loading bar disappeared and I still was in editing mode after.  So I tried again, and the same thing happened. Well I wasn't giving up now so I added the first generation Pokémon again and saved, it worked. got about 100 points and went up 398. 
I should note that I had opened a new tab and gone to the site and still had the old editing window open to easier see which Pokémon I could add. So I did something after adding the first generation and that was trying to save the old one again, this time it worked..but it didn't add any points at all for me..well only like 11 I think. I sent a mail to the moderatos about this and apparently when it didn't work it was sent to their queue instead, they accepted it but I still didn't get points.
And today I started adding Pokémon to Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS and the same thing happened. In this game there's only like 400 Pokémon so I sat  for over an hour again adding them.  When I tried to accept it just happened as before. So I started adding the Pokémon 50 at a time, but only did it like three times and went to edit other things instead. Now about 30 minutes earlier a moderator accepted what had gotten into their queue. From that I got 50 points but I still miss about 200 as all the Pokémon got added by that accept but nothing happened to the points for that page. 
I'm using Chrome (13.0.782.220 m) at the moment on Windows 7 64-bit. I don't know if the problem has something to do about the time spent on the page or if the flash plugin is acting up for Chrome. I've had some problem with the flash plugin crashing when using giantbomb (mostly with uploading images).

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Same here, can't upload in firefox it just doesn't start only says loading. I can in chrome if I reload after it stops and most of the time the flash plugin crashes. Hope it gets fixed as firefox was the better one to use.

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@Marino: Ah ok, well then there's a few Legendary Pokémon that should be converted into Character pages then.