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I wouldn't mind being added onto that list (and just finding some folks to play with in general). My Origin ID is VeloutMustache.

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I have six keys to give away as well. Just PM me your email and one of them could be yours!

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I recommend people educate themselves on the military, what it's doing abroad, and the day-to-day lives of typical soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines before they dismiss it for asinine talking points about "warmongering" or "no blood for oil."

Good luck finding someone else willing to pay and train you, and feed, house, and insure you and your family with no prior experience or education required, then offer you countless opportunities and incentives to continue your education with little to no charge.

I contend that the military is the single, best opportunity anyone (in the US at least) has to get moving forward after high school or college.

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Isn't it equally as likely that the story is about showing compassion to other people and helping those in need? I don't remember much about the game but doesn't the main character get locked up by the people in his village because they think he's bad luck? Seems to me that it's pretty big of him to help out a complete stranger when I know that my faith in mankind would be pretty low at that point.

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It's definitely a good game with some pretty big missteps, if you ask me. The sick/tired thing is just garbage since it effectively punishes you for wanting to play the game, the attributes are too easy to max so you end up with a lot of wasted nights where you're just clicking X a bunch to skip to the next day, and automatically registering a Persona you fuse BEFORE the bonus experience is applied is just sloppy.

It's still a good game but it has a few obvious flaws that were thankfully left out of Persona 4.

PS fuck Mitsuru for casting that near-useless charm spell all the time. THAT IS NOT WHY I BROUGHT YOU HERE.

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I am the best video game protagonist because I have saved countless lives/species/worlds/galaxies/timelines and usually do it all within a matter of hours.

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It's kind of a bummer how impenetrable that game is. I had a lot of fun with it way back when and it would be neat to see what I've missed in the, like, eight years since I quit playing.

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Watching StarCraft is better than watching FPS games for a couple of reasons. 1: It is intellectual in nature which means you can learn about the game beyond number crunching or learning where the best spots to snipe are; 2: It is easier to watch because you can see more of the action at once; 3: It is easier to cast because there is more to talk about than who shot who; 4: The game is drastically different at high levels of play, unlike an FPS. Not to mention that it's just basically 200x more dynamic than a shooter. I'd wager those are some of the reasons it is so much more popular.

I'm not hating on FPS games because I happen to enjoy them myself. I'm just saying that I don't find it nearly as entertaining to watch.

Also, explain to me the part where you know that the guy who killed you is less skilled than you are?

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The best retro game of all: Go the Fuck Outside and Burn Some Calories 2: The Unfattening

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@KaosAngel: What language you get, dog?