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That game is even more of a pain because to get the true end (in that it's an ending that actually explains things) you need to buy the Lightning DLC.

I bought the game so cheap that that's okay, like almost free.

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@corruptedevil: @mwng: @gnomeonfire: @xpolymorphic: @hailinel:

Quick update for you dudes, I beat the game! Thanks for all the help, with a strategy the last boss fight was really easy. I used fortisol and aegisol to start, then I used a combo of Diversity, Aggression, Guerilla and relentless assault.

The ending was really confusing, I guess it didn't help that it took me 4 years to complete this game, forgot alot of story details. I still really enjoyed the game, even if it was too long for it's own good. Still real pretty though.

Now onto FFXII-2...

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@mwng said:

@venatio: Congratulations! I think it's one of the harder fights. See you back here for the last boss!

Thanks! And yes I will update when I reach what is sure to be an even more infuriating boss

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@venatio: Fairly sure it won't deactivate its limiters until you stagger it. It may also deactivate them when it hits a certain hp %? Probably best to try and get the stagger to coincide with this point (if it's also hp based).

I just beat the fucker, with a combination of Aggression, Salvation, Guerilla and Cerberus

Oh and also Relentless Assault

It was frustrating to say the least

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@mwng: Is this really possible? Will it not deactivate the limiters and get crazy powerful unless you stagger it?

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@petiew: Any tips on beating the Proudclad? He's whooping me right now...

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Well I just beat him, thanks for help. I did this by switching Vanille with Hope and using him as a synergist and Fang as a saboteur, Lightning remained a ravager. It was acutally pretty easy once I kept switching paradigms

Now onto the next boss, probably gonna need help there too...

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@venatio: It's been years since I fought that guy. But I guess my first question is, what sort of strategy have you tried?

Strategy...well I suppose I don't have one, see I've been playing this game on and off since it's release day. The paradigms I use mostly are Diversity, combat clinic and relentless assault. Vanille as medic, Fang as commando and Lightning as ravager

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I can't seem to get past chapter 12 and walthroughs don't seem to help, it doesn't help that I am terrible at JRPGs. My party is composed of Fang, Vanille and Lightning. I need tips. Do I just need to keep grinding away? I am fighting the enemy juggernaut in Edenhall and I keep dying. What should I do?

I just bought FFXIII-2 for a couple of bucks but I can't start yet

I can give some more info if you duders need it

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It's also worth noting that the changes in golden make the difficulty level much lower over all. By new game plus it will be pretty trivial to blast through a max all s-link run and see whatever you might have missed the first time. So, no pressure really.

Oh yeah I am having no problem whatsoever with combat, I'm lvl 55 already, by using that SOS thing and buying tons of SP recovery items I can keep fighting for a long time, playing on normal might've been a bad choice

Also, is there a new dungeon in the game?