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I can't seem to get past chapter 12 and walthroughs don't seem to help, it doesn't help that I am terrible at JRPGs. My party is composed of Fang, Vanille and Lightning. I need tips. Do I just need to keep grinding away? I am fighting the enemy juggernaut in Edenhall and I keep dying. What should I do?

I just bought FFXIII-2 for a couple of bucks but I can't start yet

I can give some more info if you duders need it

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It's also worth noting that the changes in golden make the difficulty level much lower over all. By new game plus it will be pretty trivial to blast through a max all s-link run and see whatever you might have missed the first time. So, no pressure really.

Oh yeah I am having no problem whatsoever with combat, I'm lvl 55 already, by using that SOS thing and buying tons of SP recovery items I can keep fighting for a long time, playing on normal might've been a bad choice

Also, is there a new dungeon in the game?

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@wemibelec90: I've played for a while, I'm up to August 22, the summer festival, and my Social link with Marie is rank 5 and Adachi is rank 2, is that bad?

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I read some of the additions to the game and I want to make sure I don't miss out on anything.

So I played the PS2 original so all spoilers that relate to that are okay but no new stuff.

How do I get characters to their third tier persona? How do I get to play in january and february? How do I get the new ending? And what other stuff is new that I shouldn't miss? When does everyone ride motorcycles? Avoid spoilers as much as possible

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Persona 4 is my favorite, sure the story has holes and it is convoluted at times but I love the characters

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Hmm, tough question since I have alot of favorites

About that James Kidd reveal, was that really fooling anyone? I kept waiting for the reveal in all the cutscenes she popped up, that voice wasn't fooling me at all, it was Naoto all over again

As for my favorites, my female Shepard from Mass Effect is awesome, Fuuka from Persona 3, Yukiko from Persona 4, Liara from Mass Effect and some others

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Watched Riddick and White House Down with some friends in one night

4/5 for Riddick, it's almost exactly like Pitch Black but I liked that too, really enjoyed watching Vin Diesel be all badass again. I enjoy that bizzare universe and there was some nice scenery in that movie with some good action

2/5 for White house down, it's a silly action movie with a few enjoyable explosions

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My female character married Chrom, and I think that was a great choice because it gives some interesting story aspects to explore

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I'm not gonna be any help here but I'm about 17 hours into this game, I played the PS2 version when the Endurance Run was on and I just got a Vita so it's time for playthrough 2. I love this version of the game so far, one of my favorite games of all time, improved with more content. Though I do wonder when I get to use scooters, and how I get new clothes

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I love DS9, Sisko is my favorite "commander"