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A look back at Final Fantasy VII and its influence on RPGs 0

  Front cover of Final Fantasy VII (US) for PC Final Fantasy VII is acclaimed as one of the high-water marks of the role-playing genre. Many gamers, particularly RPG fans, have played through this game not once but a multitude of times. I downloaded the game off of the Playstation Network and played through it one more time on my PSP to assess how the game has aged. The very first thing that I noticed about the game was the chasm between how well the audio design and soundtrack have a...

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More of a re-do than a true sequel. 0

   When Left 4 Dead 2 was announced at E3 this past summer, it was greeted by a buzz of disbelief. Valve is typically slow to churn out expansions and sequels (see Half-Life 2's resume), how is it that they're already all-systems-go with a sequel to a game that was released hardly a year ago? Furthermore, can we be assured that it's decisively better than the first game, which suffered from shortness and a limited amount of replay value? The original Left 4 Dead was plagued by shortness and a f...

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Twice the hidden blades, twice the fun? 9

   Twice the hidden blades, twice the fun?  The first Assassin's Creed game was quite polarizing. There were plenty of good things to be said about the free running, the graphics, and the quality of the settings. The chief drawbacks that were stated were the repetitive, gamey aspect of the side quests that were required in between assassinations. Assassin's Creed 2 has completely fixed that aspect. With that being said, does that make it an instantly better game than the first? Yes... And no.Th...

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Modern Warfare 2 lives up to the hype. 1

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 hit stores last week as possibly the most anticipated video game release ever. Does Modern Warfare 2 live up to the hype?The short answer would be yes.In a nutshell, Modern Warfare 2 is just a whole lot more of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. There are minor to significant improvements here and there, sure, but if you've played the first Modern Warfare then you definitely know what to expect here as there aren't any truly groundbreaking changes or additions present...

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Killing things is more fun with friends. 0

If I was forced to sum Borderlands up in one sentence, it'd probably have something to do with my love of both online co-operative gameplay and RPG-style character building. Those, along with the game's charming sense of humor and strong graphical style, are the strengths of this game.The most immediately noticeable trait of Borderlands is its cell-shaded style of graphics. The visuals were only designed as such due to a change later in the game's development, and the change pays off. Borderland...

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A rare mix of video game genius with pure artistic beauty. 0

Sometimes, when watching a film or reading a novel, you feel a burn of emotion deep inside your chest. Something that affects you so profoundly that it moves beyond being just a form of media. It is internalized and remembered forever. Braid is one of those things. But it isn't just an example of art in gaming, it's a game full of pure genius as well. The game, at first, comes off as a platformer. There are relatively little instances of hardcore platforming in the game, and they usually only ...

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All flash, little substance. 0

So let's start off with the obvious good points. This game is fabulously beautiful. This is quite possibly the best collaboration between the artistic and technical side of game visual development ever displayed in a game. The colors are excellent, the level design is fabulous, and the sheer size and scope of everything constantly amazes and never gets old. Add in the fact that the visuals in this game have their own particular style and the game is just amazing to look at as a whole. I've hea...

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Very mixed bag. 0

I just began playing this game again seeing as I never got around to finishing it despite pouring over 60 hours into it. I counted down the days to this title, nervous of the newly created battle system but trusting in the sureness of a fabulous, immersive story populated with memorable characters. What I actually received was somewhat different. As a veteran of Final Fantasies since the very first, I was shocked by the lack of depth in the story and ultimate blandness of it as a whole. There...

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Fantastic game with only a few minor problems. 0

Very good game. Many people have already explored what's good about it, I'll try and pick apart the things that I didn't like as much. The only problems I really had were with the targeting system. On occassion, the auto-lock would lock onto somebody far away, or a pedestrian, while there was somebody right next to me attacking me. Kind of annoying, but easily fixed by letting the trigger a bit looser and using the manual aim. Still, it's a bit frustrating dying this way. Another problem was w...

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