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With the latest patch, you can bring the permanent ghost you get by destroying altars into Olmec or Yama.

@clush said:

One obvious way in which his record could theoretically be beaten would be by 'ghosting' Olmec and Yama.

I don't think the ghost shows up in Olmec or Yama's levels. I'm no Spelunky scholar, though.

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Apparently the lack of clamshell allows them to build the 2DS from a single, larger screen and just cover some of it up with the plastic. This is supposedly much cheaper than building it from two independent screens.

Edit: Worth noting that although I heard this from a reasonably informed source, I'm unable to personally verify it. Take it with an appropriate amount of salt.

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I've been listening to Ryan crack wise for many years now. Even though I never met the man in real life, I will dearly miss him.

I can't even begin to imagine how great a loss this must be for those who knew him personally.

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Managed to answer my own question with some digging around audio network. The song from the Lococycle E3 2012 video is Who Dat Cat

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Anyone able to ID the song at the beginning of this Lococycle video from last year? None of the apps I tried could find it.