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Bioshock Infinite is the only one on the list that I don't think is even a good game. All the others that I don't like, I can at least see why someone else would.

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The outrage would make way more sense if the Walking Dead was actually a good show.

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Playing a stealth game isn't the absolute worst torture anyone could be put through.

Also Red Dead is GTA IV, but actually good, so Jeff is insane.

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Having just recently seen the true ending, MAN YOU HAVE NO IDEA MAN

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Nier is the greatest game of the generation. According to reviewers it shouldn't be played under any circumstances no matter who you are and what you like.

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Reading your post I was expecting terribleness but this actually looks really cool, will definitely check it out.

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I don't like the quotes, because they sound so different to the rest of the video as far as audio quality goes that they end up feeling really out of place. Not helped by the fact that some of those quotes are utter nonsense out of context. Vinny's wizard quote is fine, but I'd have no idea what the hell Ryan was on about if I hadn't heard the bombcast his line was from.

Other than that, looks and sounds great!