Blogpost 1: Where I'm at

Video Games: Playing through Uncharted 2 for the second time. Difficulty level Hard.  In the wings is waiting either Red Dead Redemption or White Knight Chronicles (both borrowed from my nephew). Also chipping away at Puzzle Quest 2. Dragone Quest IX sits patiently for me to start it as well.
Movies: Of the movies currently in theaters right now I am hoping to see Predators and or Inception. 
TV: Just started the Mad Men series and I am fully in and sold. Great drama. Also, Dr. Who, Top Gear, Leverage, round out my summer viewing
Internets: Still cannot get the double Rainbow auto tune remix out of my head. Meme's, meme's, meme's. Twitter, facebook, GB, Digg, Reddit. 
Books: Not reading anything at the moment. Shame on me. I should be embarrassed.