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My top 5 favorites: Brann Dailor, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Martin Lopez, and Blake Richardson.  
I have many more I admire, but they come to mind.
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@TheMustacheHero said:
" @r3b3lr0b0t: Well... I don't really think any song is "absolutely amazing" but I do think this is a pretty good song.
I second this. The Fall of Troy FTW.  
As for the topic song, it is ok. I like the lyrics, but the singer is somewhat annoying.
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A Katana, he killed the dude with a FUCKING KATANA.  
That is the peak of badassery.
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They're okay. I do like Violet Hill.
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@JuMP said:
"The trouble I have with deeming something "obscure" is that it's relative to the context that you're comparing the music to. Like if I mentioned The Chariot, mewithoutyou, Living Sacrifice, Zao, Becoming the Archetype or Underoath, many people may say "yes those are obscure", but someone who's familiar with the "Christian alternative/metal whatever scene" would recognize if not, be familiar with most of those names.  So while none of my IRL friends (except for my brother) know/care about Opeth, Between the Buried and Me etc...I don't really want to label those two in particular obscure since I know in the prog community, these guys are increasingly well known (especially Opeth). They're also on well known labels (Roadrunner and Victory respectively).   But if I have to give an answer I'll say Intronaut. "
I'm labeling obscure in the sense of how well known it is around my area. In which case bands like The Chariot, Opeth, BTBAM are really only listened to or known by a select group of people.  
Although thanks to Rock Band 2, a fair amount of people know the song Prequel to the Sequel by BTBAM >___>.
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Hybrid Theory is a solid album. Meteora is not very enjoyable (Breaking the Habit is the standout, along with Nobody's Listening), Minutes to Midnight is shit (Songs like No More Sorrow are listenable, but I could never get into that album).  
So overall, I don't have a problem with their music really. But I rarely, if ever, listen to them anymore.
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I've yet to meet anyone (in real life) who has heard of Windmills by the Ocean, Celeste, Jesu, or Earth. A lot of other bands I listen to I rarely find people (like Mastodon, Between the Buried and Me, Opeth) but have a few fans.  

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
"listen to Opeth. their tunes so compelling they will blow your heart out through your eyes "

I second this.
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Jesu (Post Rock\Industrial\Sludge)  
Blotted Science (Instrumental Progressive Metal) 
Atheist (Jazz\Death Metal) 
Mastodon (Progressive Metal\Sludge) 
Melvins (Very influential early heavy grunge\sludge group) 
Windmills by the Ocean (Post rock\sludge) 
I also recommend (for the hell of it), the album Selling England by the Pound by Genesis and Colors by Between the Buried and Me. Also the band Protest the Hero, check out the song Spoils.  
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@Ahmad_Metallic said:

"yeah seeing kurt on stage in that game really made me feel uneasy... they shouldnt capitalize on people's love for him to make their fucking game popular... "

I will give her one point, it DOES feel wierd seeing Kurt in the game. What with the suicide and all. But I don't agree with how she vents out her anger.