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What a crock of..., poo! Bugs like that are a pain in the butt.

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I can't remember what level of strength that is, but I think that you should be fine. I am playing it through for the second time myself and all my characters are at level 99. Quite a few of my skills are at 99 as well. What I would say is that if you understand the accessories and which enemies are susceptible to which element, you should breeze through the majority of the game.
Just be prepared for the gold mecha and King Poo to make you cry.

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Blue Dragon is one of my favourite 360 games. Like a poster above, I had to change the audio from english to japanese. The kids were bad enough, but Marumaro is the SINGLE worst character in all of gaming. Seriously game-breaking. I wish this game would get a sequel, but I am in a distinct minority of being a huge fan of the game.

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Has anybody got any idea when we can expect a release for this?

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My most hated bosses are really that guy Randy, with the chainsaw. There was an evening where I spent  about 4 hours trying to do that. And also the protestor with the dreads. The one who jumps in and out of toilets. Son of a f***** b****. I was ready to choke a m*********, I was so angry. Those guys, I never want to see ever again.