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Well I became quite the trophy whore this year. So I completed Sound Shapes, Motorstorm RC and Super Stardust Delta. I'm busy working on Plants vs. Zombies (the price is pretty ridiculous but it's fun). So far I'm enjoying the games a lot... Although I said I would wait for a white Vita and Final Fantasy X... I'm extremely glad I didn't, I got my 3G copy for $50 less than the wi-fi version on a sale, Motorstorm and Wipeout was bundled with it ;)

Also, I got myself a 32GB memory card (best decision for an accessory) and watch all my anime shows on it. The OLED screen really makes the Colours pop and although I could watch it on my PC the vita is so much nice for it, in my opinion.

I started with the PS1 Final Fantasy series on my PSP, but that has also now moved other to the Vita. I can't stop telling everyone how much I love this device...

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This will most probably be on Christmas wish list. Since I've got three great Wii titles (Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower) and no Wii.

Yes I do the games before I buy the console.

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We feel the same way, it's the 6 parents that are getting their wedding..

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@DJJoeJoe said:

I stopped reading when you starting talking about the things the money could be spent on, a whole bunch of bullshit hardware. Check your head man, your reasoning for owning things seems incredibly frivolousness.

It's ok to put money into things you care about... just don't think you 'care' that validly about having all the colors of the things you like. Excessive.

Hah, I'd rather have every console I enjoy in black and white. build an awesome display and marvel at my handywork every day for the rest of my life than spend $10 000 for a dinner on 120 people when I actually just like 10 of them.

The point I was trying to make is that I would rather take the money that is being spent on 1 day, on stuff that the two of us enjoy and have that for ever.

Also, lack of content on the site!?

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Okay, so as you might know I got engaged a couple weeks back.

We got our budget (which is about an 8th of what our house will cost us). For me as an economist it's an extremely difficult thing to comprehend, throwing so much money away on 1 afternoon/night instead of using it for a 65" LED and every freaking console ever created.

I got a couple of games recently and will update this post later today with the latest editions to my collection. I also completed my final fantasy XIII-2 collection, until I read about the new dual pack coming out later this month... So I'll get that, the Crystal Edition for the 360 and two standard editions, one for PS3 and one for X360. But I'll do this over a couple of months. I must say I was very lucky to pick up the PS3 Crystal Edition for R450/$53 [Just for future reference, all the prices I'll list here will be in my local currency ZAR and converted to USD, also our sales tax is automatically added to the prices of goods. So if you think I paid too much let me know, I'd love to hear what bargains you guys get every now and then...]

My Games budget for this month has taken a serious knock since I paid for some laser therapy for the fiance. She wants to get rid of all the veins that show on her legs before the wedding in February... But because of that she guaranteed me a white Vita for Christmas. Which I can't wait for. That's another thing, lately I've been trying to get each console I own in a black and a white variant. One of these days I'll be flat broke with zero cash left for electricity, but at least I'll be able to look at all my pretty consoles.

Well that's enough of a ramble for now. I'll update a bit later and hope you guys enjoyed this. Feedback is appreciated and you are more than welcome to send me a private message.

P.S. Since house prices differ a lot and I can't measure it absolutely I'm going to do a little comparison for what else I could buy. This does exclude the honeymoon to Bali.

What the wedding money can be used for:

  • My Amazon wishlist 4 times.
  • 880 Sealed Copies of Final Fantasy X
  • 220 PS3 Games (at RRP)
  • 44 Xbox 360's
  • 36 3G Vita's
  • 14 Samsung Smart Plasma TV's 55"
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The 3DS has been out for a year longer and received a price cut.

The Vita has been out for 6 months.

Sales numbers don't mean everything in terms of failing or not. would you call Ferrari a failure compared to Kia?

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This is only my opinion and not based on any hard "facts".

I've been a gamer for about 20 years now, first started playing when I was 4 years old (original Super Mario brothers) As such over all the years I have gathered quite a collection of consoles and games. Since we are talking about a handheld I will disregard all other factors. I've had a Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Game Gear, PSP, 3DS and now the Vita. You can try and count my iPhone and iPad but I would have to slap you if you did.

Comparing the 3DS to the Vita, I enjoy the Vita more.. The 3DS does have some fun games, but, The device isn't as versatile as I hoped it would be. Whereas with the vita, I have it on a stand at my work, I plug my earphones in and have 28 GB worth of music to listen to. I've watched many an anime show on it. (screen is awesome for that)

My first game for my Vita was Mortal Kombat ( I have very good memories of MK II on my Game Gear) I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the game and how much fun it is on the Vita. Just that made it worth it to have the device.

Currently I have the following Games:

  • Mortal Kombat
  • Motorstorm RC
  • Wipeout
  • Everybody's Golf (hot shots)
  • Escape Plan
  • Sound Shapes

Out of all those games the only I'm not crazy about is Escape Plan, but that could just be because I haven't put enough time into it. I'm extremely excited for the future of this device, and hope that Final Fantasy X would come soon. If it does I'l need an extra battery or two cause I will put close to another 100 hours into that game.

P.S. All of those complaining about the lack of games, what game would you want on the vita? I hate hearing people see they need games, but fail to specify the game.

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She said yes ;)

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I would love to see some support from Square Enix. The DS and 3DS got quite a few final fantasy titles, why not the Vita? I wish they would give an update about the FFX remake.

Thinking about it just now, I wouldn't mind an Infamous platformer...

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Check out danny choo's blog, He has a great blog about japan and living in japan.

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