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Do not understand the hate for Double Fine in the comments. I'm happy with how the Kickstarter has gone (and how the Massive Chalice kickstarter has gone!) and have enjoyed their last few releases.

Don't really understand how the stick managed to wiggle up so many people's butts.

Yeah, these bitter comments are kind of nutty.

Yeah, you can really tell a lot of people on here don't understand how game development works. Double Fine in the past few years has shown a great deal of transparency in their development process, which has both educated a lot of people and also made some into armchair project leads who have no idea what they're talking about.

Yeah, all this hate is completely bizarre to me. I hope that Tim and the crew over there expected a number of consumers that would never understand the hurdles and insanity of development.

You'll notice that a lot of people compare DF to Telltale or any number of other devs who's development process are 100% behind the the curtain, and from seeing all this backlash, with good reason! DF may be late delivering a product, but for the price that I and many other KS backers paid, we are almost getting triple our return. This is INSANE. At any other company this project would have been greenlit, kept silent until a delivery date could be loosely confirmed, announced to the public (if a publisher felt it was worth not killing at this stage,) then either forced to release unfinished/buggy or delayed anyway.

I don't think that DF should be devoid of criticism, I think they totally botched it with SpaceBase. But the types of complaints I see being thrown at them tells me how very little some still understand the process. "They're bleeding money," every studio is always bleeding money. "Maybe they should only work on one project at a time." You take the jobs you have to so you can take the jobs you want to. You'll notice Telltale released Law & Order Legacies while they were working on Puzzle Agent, Walking Dead, and Back to the Future. Unless you're a AAA dev-house, you don't work on ONE project. It's not financially viable. And their smaller projects to keep the company afloat are all original IPs, whether coming internally or publishing someone elses small project. Not shovelware tied to a massive property (though I would LOVE to see a DF-made Guardians of the Galaxy...)

My main point is that DF is an imperfect wonderland where original content gets made by people who give a shit about making it, and they get it all on camera for us (though I don't know that's always the best idea.) Sometimes it totally fails, and that's the cost of being able to take as many independent risks as they do. I'm so glad they exist and I'm going to continue to support their insanity indefinitely because I think the industry is made better with a company like this.

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@christoffer: Oh is that so? I happen to have a second pc able to take the load! Do you have any references on how to go about that?

Currently looking into these:

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Or any other streaming service. This has been difficult to research because when searching anything "stream" related its nothing but watching netflix-type video and games content streaming as a service.

What I want to do specifically is be able to stream video of games from my pc for an extra life event or any number of occasions. However, as well as every game runs on any number of machines I've tested, streaming slows all of them to a crawl. Does piping out video put stress on memory? Video memory? CPU power? Do I need a separate device to properly take the burden of processing video? All of the above? Its surprisingly difficult to find references and learn exactly what to upgrade hardware-wise.

Most software questions are more than accounted for here and here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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@hellbound: Im currently an animator who wants to work in games and interactive media. It's something I want for myself, but its also something I would love to do for an audience of people who appreciate it. There will always be someone who appreciates your work, no matter how small. You do it for them, but with the sheer amount of vitriol spewed at people who just produce things, no. I don't think his telling people to get out is crazy. It's good to know the risks involved with making something for an infamously (and time and again proven truly) entitled group as those who play videogames. You really need balls to stick with it for those who care and are really worth your time.

You can absolutely make the claim that he reacts poorly to a number of attacks or that he stokes the flames, but there are so many others who get just as much inane hatred for just making the things they want. It's ridiculous and embarassing.

And good on you, Lang for remembering what's important. It's vindicating to hear about how many "bad" products you need to make before you make something great. Like DropKick.

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@tonimckernt: You and me both, bub. (Cool to see someone else listened to it.)

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Alright, let's do this.

  1. Ip Man
  2. Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky
  3. Kung Fu Hustle
  4. Police Story
  5. Police Story 2
  6. Police Story 3: Super Cop
  7. True Legend
  8. Little Big Soldier
  9. Armour of God
  10. Armour of God 2: Operation Condor
  11. Infernal Affairs
  12. Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
  13. Jet Li's Fearless
  14. Project A
  15. Project A 2
  16. Shinjuku Incident
  17. Iron Monkey
  18. Master of the Flying Guillotine
  19. Infra-Man
  20. Taoism Drunkard

And as you already said, Hard Boiled and The Killer.

All sorts of Hong Kong up in here. Lots of Jackie Chan.

Hamst3r knows what's up.

But realtalk, Jackie chan defined and redefined Hong Kong action cinema and really action films as a whole. Virtually any Jackie Chan film from the late 70s to the mid 90s are phenomenal. But here are a few keepers that aren't on the list (in no particular order.)

  • Miracles - Mr. Canton and Lady Rose (which I think is Jackie chan's best movie.)

  • City Hunter (The incredibly campy Chan film in which he dresses as Chun Li)
  • Wheels on Meals
  • Island of Fire
  • Both "Drunken Master" and "Legend of Drunken Master"
  • And though they're already on the list, any Project A or Police Story movie NEEDS to be seen.

Even without subtitles, this scene from Project A is incredible in its' slapstick choreography. Charlie Chaplin was a big influence on him and it shows.

Loading Video...

Other than Jackie Chan, I know it's not technically Hong Kong film, but Tony Jaa is fantastic. He's a muay-thai fighter who starred in both Ong-Bak and The Protector. Watch those both.

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@starvinggamer: Holy wow, Ive never heard of these! This is exactly what Im looking for. I dont need a huge monitor and these prices aren't out of my budget. Thanks bub!

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Im looking for a chaper tv that has negligable input lag. Im hooking my pc and a few consoles up to it. My buddies and I usually hop into some samurai gunn, smash bros, and street fighter. So though picture quality is important, I cannot stress how much MORE important input lag is.

Im leaning towards an LED set at the moment. Im not looking for any additional features or doodads like "smart" capabilities or netflix. I would prefer a bare-bones set, but that doesnt seem to be an option.

So other than grabbing the CRT out of the garage, what are my best options?

Also, im looking into this guy for now:

(I didnt see a post about this more recent than four years ago, so if I missed something feel free to point me there, and many apologies.)

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I think NOT having the ability to edit will make you more confident and enjoy mistakes a whole lot more. I say just attack a sketchbook with pen. Do it.