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Like many, I found the last level to be really easy (besides the Sectopods) and the last Ethereal basically decided to use PSI attacks on my SHIV (real smart).

I did enjoy the premise that we haven't wiped the Alien threat at all, just this force and that they'll be more aliens in the future. I can't wait to see what they do for an expansion / sequel: more aliens archetypes, more alien races, more Ethereal exposure, more mysteries, etc...

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Why do people expect this game to keep them occupied as long as a MMO ?

I played well over 80 hours, have 2 lvl 60 inferno geared characters with 3 others in the 30s. I don't play it anymore but for the time I sunk into it, I had LOADS of fun (more much then any MMO) and will gladly return when they release new content.

I don't understand why people are so mad ? It's a great game and much more fun than D2 (gasp!). What's the point of being angry about it ? If it's not fun anymore, just play something else... you don't even pay a monthly fee!?

I don't understand gamer rage...

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Phil and his crew had trouble releasing this for Xbox, asking them to port it to PS3/PC will be determined by sales and only sales. Whatever he says doesn't really matter, business is business.

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Gonna admit, this game is pretty spooky :P

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I can't wait until they do an episode on the genocidal-white bird. The bitch kills a baby every time she poops an egg! And for what? Destruction of the green-pig fortress ? There must be a better way, think of the children!

Way more interesting than the blue birds love triangle...

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I think it's for the better. The game was a WAY too easy before the DLC so having to think hard about your loadouts before missions is a welcome change.

Except those Volt droppers, fuck them! I can never get past 20ish waves because of them.

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@nohthink: Joker's voice actor has specifically said that he will not do his voice again. He already wasn't suppose to do it in the first Batman.

A world without Joker isn't hard to imagine, there are plenty of Batman fiction already in which the Joker is dead and (futur) Batman has to deal with his legacy. If anything, we'll see him again in some bad-trip ala Mad Hatter / Ras / Scarecrow.

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Already did 
But instead of a t-shirt, I'd like to pay for more SPIDERS in the Bombcast booth!

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@JustTheDoctor: counter bet : 
I bet it goes in space and goes full circle by becoming system shock
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