You don't have enough candy?

You fucking fail.

You don't have enough candy.

You suck.

Or do you?

Well in this case you do.

Anyway, who doesn't buy enough candy for Trick or Treaters? My parents.

My mom is kinda a stooge when it comes to candy or fun. She seems to think that because she hates Halloween she will let it seethe into the rest of us.

Not fucking I. No fucking way.

Halloween is a time to have fun. It is made and designed to dress up and goof off. I guess it is made for the dullards to get drunk and party too. I was once a dullard of sorts. I mean partying is fun but can get tiring. Dressing up is a goddamn blast and as such should be included in the word fun.

Therefore, don't under prepare for Halloween. Even if you're diabetic like someone I know. Mr. P is diabetic but he's also chinsy. He has the attitude of only buying enough food or in our case enough candy.

Sure, candy is getting pricier but for the love of god Halloween happens once a year. Splurge just a little bit and make this fucking Halloween great, make it spooky, go to a haunted house, corn maze or anything else.

Bottom line is have fun.

Don't cheat out Trick or Treaters.

You were once one, weren't you?


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Spoken like a true oatmeal lobbyist, good day sir!

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Judging from your thread's construction, I'm guessing that "candy" is code for liquor.

And that's OK, because:

Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.

Posted by Hamst3r

Get off my lawn.

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Candy Is pretty good.

Posted by TheHumanDove

I didn't buy any candy. Do you know why? Because people don't take their kids house to house anymore. They go to the malls. As it happens, there's a giant mall right beside me, so it was pointless to even bother with it. Which is too bad because my gumby costume needs more use.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

I live in the city and in this part of the city they don't go home to home, or in this case, apartment to apartment around here. They go to the mall or the park that's a few blocks away so I never worry about getting candy for the kids. Now I want some Twix. Damn it...

Posted by believer258

People don't seem to go house to house much anymore. I live in a county that is essentially the outskirts of Charlotte, a big city in North Carolina, and even here we didn't have many people come to our house.

Meanwhile, there are two big bowls of candy that didn't get taken this evening.

Also candy isn't expensive. Get an allowance. Or find a job.

Posted by ThunderSlash

You threw your candy on the ground? ;_;

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According to candybox I have all of the sweets in the worrld.

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Keep feeding your mill with lollipops!

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

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