Handheld Report: Chrono Trigger, Ghost Trick, and Jeanne D'Arc

First, something of a preamble: I'm a college student whose younger brother didn't want me to take the gaming consoles we co-owned, so I tend to rely on handheld systems for my gaming. I've had a 3DS since launch and got a PSP over the summer, primarily to make it an RPG machine. A great thing about handhelds is how cheap the games can get. With that in mind I've built up a hell of a backlog and (in an effort to keep me from beating my head against a wall until I die due to my research) I'm trying to work through them. I think recording my progress may help me stick to my goal. So here I go!

Chrono Trigger

I bought this one at some point for crazy cheap but hadn't been inspired to play it until the Endurance Run started. It took about a week for me to decide that it was something I needed to play and quickly. I finished it up today, defeating Lavos and finishing the DS specific stuff. All that new stuff? Kind of a horrid fucking grind. I just wanted the rewards at the end and I'm incredibly glad that they carry over into the New Game Plus so that I never have to do any of it again. A NG+ is going to have to wait though because...

Ghost Trick

Another game nabbed incredibly cheap. I was reminded of it due to people mentioning it a whole bunch on Game of the Year lists. The accolades (and a handful of wonderful GIFs) bumped to the top of the backlog bag. I have barely started it, just the tutorial mission, but I'm already quite taken with it. It looks really cool, has great music, and has a neat mechanic that I can see getting complicated later. Also, I know there's an adorable dog later, so I'm looking forward to that. No idea how long this game is, no idea how the story ends, but I'm sure I'm going to really enjoy it.

Jeanne D'Arc

When Jeanne D'Arc first came out I wanted it quite badly. Strategy RPGs may very well be my favorite sort of RPG and this one looked pretty cool. Alas, I didn't have the cash or fortitude to buy a whole system for a single game. But now! PSPs are cheaper and there are more RPGs for my little RPG machine. I finally fired up the thing and I knew that Jeanne D'Arc had to be my first RPG since it was a driving PSP force for me. Just finished the first chapter of it and am enjoying it quite a bit. It hasn't been especially hard, and it's not like the plot or characters really stand out, but it's nice enough. There's an amnesiac, horribly/typical RPG tragedy, and sweet super powered armor that I have not been able to power up outside of the tutorial. Maybe it'll pick up in one aspect or another, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy it anyway, since I'm kind of a sucker like that.