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This is the third year I'm trying Shocktober and so far I'm on track to get it done again this year. I'm trying to watch all new (to me) stuff, so I'm limited to Netflix and various bargain bin dvds. I also make my list up as I go along (it doesn't always work out quality-wise, but I feel like it keeps motivation levels high). So far this month I've watched House (not Hausu), +1 (a creepy sci-fi joint), The Craft, Jekyll+Hyde (dismal!), Fido, Shivers, and Shadow of the Vampire. They're not all that scary, but I'm a coward! The only thing I know is coming up is Poltergeist, since the dvd was 5 bucks.

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Gonna miss you Dave. Thanks for everything.

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Yeah, I do a lot of handheld gaming in bed right before sleep. I also play a lot of RPGs, but since you can just put the devices on rest the lack of short missions or definitive stopping points doesn't bother me. I also like to listen to podcasts and play at the same time, as it lets me consume 2 media at once. And yeah, gaming outside can be real nice as long as the lighting is right.

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Of course it should be. Bags are useful; if you want one get one. Think of it this way: societal norms won't change unless people within the society do, so you'll be doing your part towards making it acceptable.

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There was a random stream a Thursday or 2 ago where Dave mentioned that they've been busy but one will be coming soon.

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This happened to me too, though the only item we seemed to share was the Poison Touch. I had the Bomb Bag and and the Coin Bag following me around, and the Book of Revelations was my item. Also, my invincibilty gave out on Womb 2 for some reason and Satan ended up killing me, which was a bit of a bummer.

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Of the new stuff added in the update I have to say I love me the pony. I don't even use the space power, it's pretty great without it.

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@Hulsey90: I am always happy to introduce more people to the Flop House. Their backlog is well worth diving into if you have the time.

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@NekuSakuraba: Yeah, I was surprised at how solid the little guy is. Not really any stuffing in the limbs, but very very nice.

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Picked up my Isaac today. He came with brother Bobby and a sketch of the inner eye. I am very happy with him.