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I like watching the Persona 4 Endurance Run 'cause it's funny yo. (real talk: it's some of the best content on the site. I just love watching it.)

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I haven't beat many 2014 releases but Top 5 so far are:

1. Dark Souls II

2. Trials Fusion

3. Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes

4. Broken Age (Part 1)

5. Metal Gear Rising REVENGENACE

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@nightriff said:

Ha, I literally just started my yearly P4ER viewing. Can't wait till I get to that episode, his and Dave's are some of the best overall in the ER.

Just finished my P4ER viewing for this year funnily enough. Some of the best moments are of Ryan just randomly chiming in. His HA! at Vinny's "Liquor in the front, Poker in the Rear!" is just awesome.

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And so ends another Steam sale.

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@beachthunder said:

No more community choice? o_O

Tomorrow is the last day isn't it? Since it's a re-hash day there would be no point in a vote.

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DEFCON: Everybody Dies

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Team Fortress 2/Counter Strike: GO/Day Of Defeat: Source for your PC twitch shooter fix. Say what you want about the CoD series in the last few years but Black Ops II is an insane mountain of fun (mostly Domination game son Nuketown).

I assume Super/Ultra Street Fighter IV still has a large online player base.

Also there is this DOTA thing? I don't know.

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Metal Gear.

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The Best Is Yet To Come.

For sure, gives me shivers and tears every time I listen to it, though mainly due to nostalgia for MGS1.

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Never thought Gone Home was worth it at $20 even with all the good things said about it.

Definitely can't pass it up at $2.99 though.