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Lost it at Xbox One, well done duder.

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The first one is amazing, the other two are kinda meh.

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Nice article, well done Patrick!

Game looks interesting, if it comes out on Steam I'll bite and pick it up, in the meantime I will give it my vote on Greenlight.

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Will happily watch this one man Flight Club.

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Fucking fuck fuck fuck :(

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Played some of that Lethal League game some weeks ago but other than that I haven't touched a flash game in ages.

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No. I assumed it was going to be a real shit device and last Unprofessional Friday confirmed it.

I don't think there's a lot of people that like your typical phone games so much that they would want to play them on their TV. Even less people would probably pay $100 for it.

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Sounds good to me.

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Sad to see him go, he will be missed :( It was great to hear him trying out stuff like Monster Hunter on the podcast and his livestreams from home have been my favorite feature to watch this year.

Keep on scoopin' and spookin', Patrick!

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Got 114 points with my Birdwing butterfly, won first pretty easily with that.