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Got 114 points with my Birdwing butterfly, won first pretty easily with that.

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No, I'll go buy one once they're out. None of the known launch games are super interesting to me at the moment so if I don't get one on day one it's not that big of a deal.

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Not for modern consoles. The used games I buy are from a few generations back.

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They showed a lot of great stuff but I had hoped for some bigger surprises. Getting a Wii U next year seems like a good idea.

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Good fucking job, Ubisoft. They try to make the press conference funny with some good(and bad) jokes here and there but damn did they bring the games this year. So excited for Rayman, WatchDogs, Trials and The Division really looked like it could be something good.

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Staying up all night for this, Sony better bring it!

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Twitch worked just for me, it stuttered a few times but that's probably because I'm on shit wireless.

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8/10, games games games!

Surprised they announced the price already.

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None of that animated shizzle, my screens just go black.