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Lord of the Rings.

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Pretty hyped for it, bought a 3DS XL on sale this week in preparation.

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I'd love a weekly Dark Souls stream but daily would be too much.

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TWD is the only game I have of those so pretty nice bundle for me.

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I don't play it myself so I usually don't tune in unless I really don't have anything else to do. It's a bit hard to watch since I have absolutely zero knowledge of what's going on.

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Gears of War series (co-op campaign is great but horde mode is the best)

Saint's Row The Third.

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The living room TV is the only TV in the house that doesn't have a console connected to it.

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Atm the PS4 because they convinced me they are putting games first. Xbox One loses a lot of value if you're not in the US because pretty much none of the services mentioned today works outside of the US.

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If they went away I wouldn't miss them but I do enjoy Alex's comments sometimes.

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Patrick brings a lot to the site and I hope he keeps on doing that even after he has moved. As for video content I will be looking forward to some more Spookin' with Scoops and Encyclopedia Bombastica!