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The Bombcast poster at the store... sold out. :(

Do you think they will print more or are they forever locked away in the vault?

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It seems more like a button masher. Should be good for Patrick, or any other casual.

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I think I have some interesting addictions. One of them is listening to the Bombcast while I'm falling asleep via laptop (no headphones).
Anybody else make a habit of doing this? 

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@JJOR64 said:
" They are still making PSP games? "
For people to pirate I guess... 
Regardless if it's on the PSP, it looks nice.
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@xyzygy: You must be insane.
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Fable 3 makes me sad. Peter definitely didn't hype this game up as badly as he did with Lionhead's previous installments, but that's probably only because he knew in the midst of development that he was making an incredibly lackluster title. He has some ambitious and intriguing ideas scattered throughout the course of the game, but everything feels so hasty and rehashed that it's hard to appreciate anything good the game does have to offer.  
I think one thing I can appreciate most about the game is its primary focus on being a Queen or King. The responsibilities you face are quite stressful to take on, and you have to accumulate a lot of gold to stay true to the promises and hope you instilled into those poor little dwellers looking for someone to look up to in their perpetually awful lives. It's never that I can ponder on and enjoy though. All I can focus on is the direct problems I see in front of me. My annoying dog that freezes and gets lost and sees a treasure that I saw seconds before, the uncomfortable atmosphere, the incomplete look, the abysmal frame rate, the recycled graphics engine and of course Jasper's consisting advertising campaign.    
A legendary video game designer once said that the little things are what make a great game. Boy he was right.

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Friend Me :)

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Chicken  chaser!

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Oh look. It's another guy that posts a picture as a post again.
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Let's break down some of those Xbox Live benefits: 

  • Deal of the Week (or, day? I forget)
  • Private Chat (even though this can be used on a silver account)
  • Demos (something that doesn't cost a penny on PSN)
  • Party Chat (is this free on silver?)
  • Netflix (never use)
  • Social Networking (never use)
  • Playing games online (this has always been ridiculous to me, especially when Uncharted 2, Rock Band 2,  Metal Gear Online, Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 and LittleBigPlanet are free of charge to play on my PS3)
I'm not flat out saying Xbox Live is not worth the money. I just want to know how it is worth the price of admission. Why should I let Microsoft constrict me like a hungry snake? Why would anybody be charging crazy prices in this bad time? With Live and all this add-on content -- I feel overwhelmed by DLC on just ONE platform alone. I don't want to hear about how the quality and variety of Xbox Live totally dominates PSN because nobody uses 80% of what Xbox Live offers. It just seems like all those different features are there to negate people complaining about the cost of Xbox Live.