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Just Cause's vehicles, stunts, grapple and paragliding + Red Faction's weapons and destructibility.

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Normally Archive.org does stuff like this and very few people notice, this time is different, hopefully DMCA requests don't ruin it.

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They might just be trying to distance themselves from the GTA:V PC release date, Jan 27th, which is going to stomp all over everything around it.

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"We expect Steam customers to get a price for the Early Access game no higher than they are offered on any other service or website. Please make sure that’s the case."

I wonder if Valve will enforce this by running sales on a developer's game if they find them selling it for cheaper.

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I thought it might actually be fun to do the companion app. It's not. It's simply tedious. Thankfully, the stuff in those chests is also lame and completely unnecessary. In the end the chests are simply a nuisance.

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I wonder if they are going to market this on HBO itself in any way.

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It's such a shame that these online only games just totally cease to exist. Gaming is the only medium I can think of like that outside of say, unrecorded oral tradition.

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There were other interesting moments like this in gaming history, like when Secret of Monkey Island changed the way people think by removing death and game-overs, or when FPS's transitioned away from quicksave/quickload to checkpoint systems.

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The beta testers that beat it first must languish forever in anonymity.