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The fact that the Xbox One has a bunch of console+game bundles at the same price as the console is actually the main reason I never bought one, I'm still waiting for a bundled game I think I want to play. There's other games on the Xbox One that I think I'd play, but not so urgently I want to buy a bundle that's a bad value to me.

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I hope it succeeds and spawns some new communities. I like the idea of game streaming, but the Twitch community brings everything it comes in contact with down to about a 5th grade reading level.

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I'd maybe play a remix that was just all boss fights from all the games.

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Does the refund go back to your bank or into Steam credit?

The fact they mention which payment types they can refund, makes me think it goes back into that payment system.

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The torture device is a rack, which stretches people out.. while he talks about stretch goals.. Genius!

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Axiom Verge just proved that a Metroid returning to its roots would be, and is, awesome.

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Harness Hype. Sell speculation. Embrace cynicism once games are actually released.

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Our first Super Show is an original IP we’ve developed in collaboration with a world-class creative partner who’s just as excited about the format as we are. Together we’ve created a world where we can really demonstrate the power of this new format and leverage the toolkit it brings to us as storytellers, much like we’ve done in the [game-only] space.

Who is the mysterious world-class creative partner? Begin your speculations and rumors now.

Each Super Show episode [the interactive game and the scripted episode] will be released as a package designed so that you can consume the interactive portion or watch the scripted show portion in any order you’d like. For instance, if you play the interactive episode first, certain elements of the scripted episode portion will be tailored to reflect some choices made in your interactive play through. If you watch the show before playing, some elements in the interactive portions may be presented differently than if you played first.

That's probably the most interesting aspect so far, it implies a pretty big narrative disconnect between the scripted and the interactive parts.

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Just Cause's vehicles, stunts, grapple and paragliding + Red Faction's weapons and destructibility.