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"It is impossible for any of the Characters to get hurt or die. Anything bad that happens will be in the form of setbacks"

It's interesting they had this idea, but didn't fully apply it to Maniac Mansion, you can die, although it is rare. When Monkey Island later came out and actually implemented a no-death adventure it was considered sort of revolutionary.

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I think that's over thinking it, much more basically, the Kinect is too laggy and inaccurate. It really does not work at the most basic things it should do, it doesn't live up to its most basic technological promises, and everybody involved tries to pretend like it's not totally busted.

It was an "emperor has no clothes" kinda scenario where all the people making games for it, and microsoft, were marketing an experience that simply was impossible with all that lag and glitchiness. But gamers saw through it right away, moments after trying it.

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Nintendo must be considering making an android gaming phone based on a chip like the Nvidia Tegra K1.

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Yup, I just figured that out, you have to go to "Extras" in the store and get that file also called "Kinect Party".  Works great. 

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Anybody else seeing this? 
Edit: You have to also go to Extras inside the XBLA store and also download the "Kinect Party" item there.  That's the unlock.

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My favorite game isn't included!  This is an outrage!

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The reason it's a big deal is because our leaders didn't get there through ideas or accomplishments, they got there by being pretty happy perfect people, that look and sound good.  When it's exposed they aren't really spawns of Leave It Beaver, it destroys the foundation of their power.

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Uhm, props to Epic for the legal victory I guess, but it's such a crushing blow I think it would cause other companies to be afraid to license the Unreal engine.

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Well, the only thing I take away from this story is that Patrick -really- likes Mark of the NInja and wants it to sell more copies.

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Hm, I don't know. It seems like more of a bandaid. What happens when you get to Paragon level 100? 

I don't think that's a concern.  Because Blizzard describes that as: 

The time to reach the upper Paragon levels approximates the long-term time investment required to get a level 99 character in Diablo II.

Which I believe is somewhere around 1500 hours of playing, some people are saying D3 will take 7000 to hit 100.  People will hit it, but it won't be a major thing.  You'll get a lot more people complaining that progression becomes too slow.