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Did someone break the comments?

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Sounds like videogames to me.

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In 2014...
That game you used to like is coming back in style.
AAA publishers start giving smaller games a chance.
The title of a game announced at E3 will accommodate for a pun so obvious no one dares utter it.
Brad is bad at videogames.

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Good ol moneyhats is alive and well.

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Canada sounds like Sweden, only you don't have a UK to buy codes from. And now we won't either. And we have been/will be paying $1.72 per 100 points. Hurray.

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The main argument I used to see against points was there was no way to necessarily buy the exact amount of points you need. Well boo fucking hoo.

You can't get your stupid ass points on sale anymore.


Now instead of getting two dollar's worth of points left over, it'll just straight up be two dollars. Hurray.

People save more than two dollars by purchasing a single 1200p game using discounted points cards. For me it's $7.

I predict being less inclined to buy stuff on Xbox Live.

But until then I'll snag some codes while they still exist. Will try to have them last for the remainder of the 360's lifespan I suppose. Probably around the time the Xbox One launches, summer 2014 maybe?

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Bioforge is magical. I'd maybe heard about it in passing at some point, but I didn't know. It's a proper cult game that deserves to be appreciated. I thank you for excavating it out of the past and Ken Demarest for being an integral part of making it exist.

It's just so weird and crazy to first look at this thing almost 20 years after it was released. Was probably weird and crazy back then too, just in a different way.

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Pissing the night away?

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Flipflopping like this after that whole escapade comes across as disingenuous, but regardless, glad this happened. No longer 100% opposed to the idea of eventually getting an Xbox One.

I have a lot more faith in Sony though. They didn't need customers to shout directions and point where they needed to go as they were fumbling around for an eternity, pretending to hear us or trying to (badly) convince us they were going the right way. Sony knew in which direction they should be heading.

PS4 is a potential preorder, Xbox One is a potential purchase at some point.

Hope digital sharing gets worked out. I think everyone understands that there needs to be restrictions, but some ability to transfer licenses would really ease the transition. Microsoft was on the right track with that at least.


No they weren't.

I sort of feel like I've been lied to directly in the forehead. I knew the family sharing plan wasn't going to be as great as people wanted it to be, but the way Microsoft talked about it I thought it'd be something.

Could you imagine the shitstorm if Microsoft had gone through with this plan?

How are you supposed to trust in these people when they say things?

How do you post gifs here? I don't get it.