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I'm trying to take advantage of the Donkey Kong Knock-Out Offer by purchasing Tropical Freeze after Diddy's Kong Quest, but my Wii U doesn't have enough memory on it. I know I can delete stuff from my system for room, but I don't want to lose the data, and I'd rather not get an external hard drive just yet. Is there a way to just purchase a game and download it later? I haven't seen that option on the eshop, and my searches haven't proved fruitful. Also, I've tried just purchasing the game on, but it isn't available for purchase there yet.

Edit: I ended up getting in touch with Nintendo support and learned that I could delete system data without deleting save data, so that will do for now. I know I didn't post this as a question, but mods can consider it answered and lock this thread if they'd like.

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That was far better than it had any right to be. Thanks for sharing.

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When it comes to YouTube comments, I feel like I should treat them as a biohazard because I get frustrated with something someone says every time I see them. But, I can never seem to resist looking at them. I usually get less frustrated with comments on news articles just because I feel like hearing various opinions on matters I should really care more about helps me feel like I'm grown up.

Just one more thing: People yelling at each other isn't the constructive part of Internet comments.

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I'm waiting for this to get a moderator's seal of approval.

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@acidbrandon18: I can relate to you in that I majored in journalism (technically, mass communication) even though I didn't really have a strong interest in writing as a reporter. To add to that, I'm also a very shy person, so the prospect of being a full-time journalist has never been my goal. Even so, I did work on my college's paper as a copy editor and a writer, and I continued in print media after college as a freelance writer for a local paper. I did eventually burn out on freelancing, but that was only after I felt I had done basically every kind of story one can do without getting deep into investigative journalism. Despite not being passionate about reporting, I found that it really helped my confidence to know that I was able to go out and interview complete strangers.

It doesn't sound to me like you really need a confidence boost for social interaction, but considering your interest in broadcasting, performing work that demonstrates that you can interact well with people is a plus. Also, since you've take up learning video editing, you might consider applying for some entry level PR positions. Those are likely to have you mix things up between writing and video editing/production.

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@mikefightnight: Thanks for letting me participate even though I was late and forgot to sign up. I'll be more prepared next time.

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At least I can spectate.

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Just a heads up for whoever in pairs with: I'm probably not going to be ready to play by 8, so I may have to forfeit. I Ann on my way home now though, so I might be ready by 8:10.

Sorry for any inconvenience. One of my cousins came back from storming in another country recently, so my parents and I went to dinner with her.

Also, I probably shouldn't have gone so heavy on the alcohol, considering that I knew this was coming, but it was so good!

To being free!

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My PSN ID and Challonge name are both Noside 124.

You might want to mention that Challonge is a website so that newcomers like myself know what you're talking about. I managed to put it together, but it took a little bit.

Thanks for setting this stuff up. I look forward to trying to get better at this game. I can beat arcade mode on maniac difficulty now, but I can tell that the few people I've played online are still better than me.