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Can anyone with a GTX 780m tell me their experience? It sounds like I should do just fine, but It'd be nice to have some assurance.

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Enter the Matrix. Nothing about the way that game felt or looked was satisfying.

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@mortuss_zero: I used to play Gladius a bunch with a couple of friends back in high school, and I've been meaning to show it to another recently.

I asked for Aero Gauge for a birthday present one year, thinking it was F-Zero X. I played it at my birthday party, with a bunch of my friends around, but I've never met anyone else with it, and I haven't heard anyone talk about it since.

I also used to play a game called Striker Gunner S.T.G. for the SNES back in elementary school with a friend.

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@finaldasa: Jetpack was one of the games my elementary school had on its computers, and everyone would play it during breaks. We also had the Christmas edition, where you played as Santa.

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@bigsocrates: I only ever played it in stores, but I remember Wild 9 very, very fondly. Too bad I didn't havea Playstation at the time.

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@doctordonkey: When you tested it, were you making sure not to hit an enemy's weak point? I haven't had any issues with inconsistent damage, but I have had some difficulty making precision hits with melee, even when I intended to.

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Like Seth said. It could be a crit. Also, you are aware of the cooldown abilities for melee, right?

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@shagge: if you got a notice about your post being flagged, that was totally by accident. I was scrolling with my pinky when it slipped because I was to busy eating a parfait. I would imagine that Dan would all of what I just described very fancy.

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@devise22: I see that everyone has already mentioned all the big points for why the things you mentioned turned out to be a problem in Destiny. So, the one thing I'd like to add is that, in Jeff's review at least, he does in fact explain why he finds the loot system and the mission structure bad. Maybe he would have preferred Destiny if those aspects were somewhat closer to the other games you mentioned, but the point is that his arguments were not just, "It's not like this, so it's bad."

Oh, and if it helps, look at the comments on Jeff's review. A lot of people say that he has valid points, but that they're still hooked on the game anyway. I'm still early on, but I have a feeling I'm going to fall into that category.

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I feel like I'm one of the few people who didn't like Groose. He just seemed like a typical jerk-turned-buddy character to me. But, as @xyzygy said, he he probably is the only well-developed, dynamic character (maybe the only dynamic character, period) in the Zelda universe. Also, some attack involving him riding around on a cannon would not be undesirable.

I'm with @hunter5024; Major and the Fierce Deity would make for some really cool characters. Hell, why not Tingle?