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Press Y for "Yes," X for "No" 0

I had never played a proper entry in the murder marathon that is the Dynasty Warriors franchise before picking up its Legend of Zelda spin-off, but I had played enough of another of its branching titles, Mystic Heroes, to know that I had a fondness for the combat that is often ridiculed for its apparent lack of depth and mindlessness. And, while Hyrule Warriors is at its best when you’re simply mashing Y and X to see the same over-the-top attack animations over and over again, there is a s...

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Trails the National Park Service Would Defend 0

In recent years, Japanese role playing games have received a lot of flak for relying too heavily on the over-the-top antics and heavily clichéd and convoluted storytelling so strongly associated with anime. So too has the gameplay in this genre been criticized in some cases for offering nothing new, and in others, for being too dense. And though Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky doesn’t offer innovation, it does offer simple and snappy gameplay in a world full o...

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Lackluster Mansion: Disappointing Moon 0

The first Luigi’s Mansion turned the concept of ghost busting into what could be described as a fishing game adventure. You would find a ghost, discover how to lure it out, “hook” it with your flashlight, and then proceed to capture it with a vacuum that somehow became more effective the more you tugged away from a ghost. Only, instead of being set in a placid lake, it was set in a spooky, cartoonish mansion filled with whimsical puzzles, secret rooms, and treasure that somehow...

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Dive into the Dark 0

The Souls games are notorious for being unforgiving. The fact that even the most basic enemies can kill the careless player is only made all the more daunting by the fact that the souls you collect to gain power will disappear if you fail to return to the spot of your death and touch your bloodstain. But the Souls games are also notorious for being clunky, glitch-filled and frustratingly vague about their mechanics. And while Dark Souls II does unfortunately have some of the same glitches as its...

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