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@pabba: Not trying be a dick, because I genuinely love these, but does Dan wear glasses? I'm just saying, I haven't seen him wear them before, but maybe I'm just wrong.

Oh god this reminds me of another dumb Dan story from GI, as a kid Dan thought glasses were cool so when he got his eyes tested he chose wrongly on purpose so he could get glasses, this in turn fucked up his eyes so for a long time he actually needed glasses, I think his dad paid for lasik as a college graduation gift iirc, but that's been wearing off so he needs reading glasses.

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The thing is I think Shovel Knight would be perfectly fair and difficult if it didn't have checkpoints, and I truly find it lame that devs make that kind of challenge optional, it should be the other way around, the regular game should be the throwback difficult version and checkpoints and the like should be relegated to some sort of casual mode.

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Bayonetta 2

Shadow of Mordor was going to be one but it's September now.

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I'm wondering how many different types of videogame related OCD there are.

Usually when someone brings it up, either in a light hearted sort of way, or in your case where it's truly debilitating, it's usually about things like collectibles and completionism

My personal big videogame OCD is camera inversion, people always argue about which they prefer or what is 'correct', but for me it's not a choice, it's an affliction.

I need a standard X and an inverted Y, I truly can't bring myself to play otherwise, if I move the camera and it turns the opposite way I expect it to I just freeze, my hand and arm get tense to the point of cramping and I have the compulsory need to hit it over and over again as if my brain is trying to understand, it has a way it considers right and for some reason this stimulus is saying it's wrong and it doesn't know what to do, why is this motion not moving the way I know it should?

Even knowing this if I mistakenly use the wrong setting or forget to change them I still go through that process, knowing isn't half the battle, it's nothing.

People say they can just change the way they view it at will and it only takes a few minutes to 'get used to', I can tell myself up=up all day long or practice with a controller, but once the visuals are actually on screen and reacting to what I do it doesn't matter.

This makes trying to play old games a living nightmare, you have no idea how much of relief it is for me when I see old games with substantial control options, or how thankful I am for emulators that you can remap anything with and awesome modders like 'pelvicthrustman' who programmed a remapping tool for the PS2.

The worst thing is finding a new release that doesn't have an invert option and just not being able to play it, I have ZOEHD on ps3, for some reason they didn't include it despite the 360 version allowing it (I think the Xbox profile setting actually overrides the game's controls in this case though) and I'm pretty sure the original PS2 version just had it as an option, if not then I must of played it back when I had my third-party ps2 controller with an invert switch (which is something I wish I had for the PS3).

It's been like 13 or so years since I first realized this was a problem for me, and yet I still deal with games that I can't play because of it and people who put me down as if inversion is some sort of gaming sin.

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Personally I find everything unplayable on it, even with direct connect I feel the lag is unbearable, I had high hopes for it seeing how great the Wii U gamepad is, but it doesn't come close.

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I'm playing through it right now, at first I couldn't stand the needless tutorials and contstant reminders, but once it gets going I think it has some of the best Zelda gameplay there is.

If you have a modded Wii I highly recommend looking into using Ocarina/Wiird codes, I have a set that makes all text instantaneous, removes all of Fi's nagging, and gets rid of dialog boxes when picking up crafting items/bugs.

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Had to be done.

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From the end of the amazing Bot Colony stream just now.

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I'm really just hoping that now they have Dan and Jason that some shit will get worked out so they have enough man power to do their regular thing and new ERs.

Jeff has made it known that the reason he hates Endurance Runs are because they totally fuck up the schedule when someone has to be out of the office, because it means you have to pre-record a bunch of episodes. I honestly don't think you'll ever see Jeff on an Endurance Run ever again.

That's totally a bullshit excuse, there are many ways to fix scheduling problems.

The way I see it Jeff just doesn't enjoy it anymore, which is fine since we have other people who do.