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Final Fantasy 8, I just finished a 41 hour replay this month, no rose-tinted glasses here it's still fantastic.

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What I really want is low-poly indie games that look like PS1 titles, like down to the 32x32 pixel textures and 16-bit color spaces with dithering and no filtering.

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If you really think about things mechanically and look at the information available it's not too hard to picture what the gameplay is going to be like, not to say there isn't plenty of stuff left ambiguous but it's not a completely unknown quantity, especially if you compare it to other space sims.

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@xyzygy said:

@steadyingmeat: It's more than that though. I mean they switched to "Dark" Souls presumably because it went multiplatform. And it looks like Project Beast is going back to Sony exclusivity (or was that debunked?), so why would they not call it Demon's Souls 2 or something... it's just a little weird having three different "franchises" from one developer that are obviously all sequels to each other but not really officially. And correct me if I'm wrong because I haven't played DS2 yet, but aren't it and DS1 unconnected, storywise? I had thought that they just take place in the same world with no real connection to each other.

Don't get me wrong, I will still totally get this when I get whatever console it's on. Because let's be honest anything by this team now is a must buy.

Who says it won't be Demon's Souls 2? 'Project Beast' is a codename, not a title.

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Ah I thought you added the character on purpose, I had to crop out the face when I did my junk. :p

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So uh I decided to play around some more, I like doing low-poly art in 3D so I turned Brad's face into a cyberpunk computer god, and/or a prog rock album cover:

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Hard to find a good shot of brad to use as a texture, looked creepy so I rolled with it.

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Ooh, could you upload the model file? I'd like to mess around with it as I've been learning stuff as well (different program though).

Any filetype should work, as long as you're exporting the model and not just saving the project.

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Discs, unless they put up some REALLY good digital deals in the future it's not worth not being able to trade or sell, and having a 250GB/month internet limit prevents me from say downloading Wolfenstein at 45GB.

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I personally think Neptunia (the first one) had fantastic hilarious writing for being a mediocre anime dungeon crawler.