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As many people have said being able to play the Wii U away from a TV is a wonderful experience, so I think take the idea of the Wii U gamepad and make it an all encompassing console/portable hybrid.

As a one up somehow add Wii U support to it so I can play Bayo 2 on the go and you have all my money.

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Easily, unironically, the best Final Fantasy, I can't fathom how people can be so wrong about that.

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I'll never understand why people are so uptight about stuff like that, it's just a boob joke, if you can't take such a mundane thing you shouldn't have bought an anime, doubly so a parody that would obviously poke at such cliches.

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First the price of games isn't an issue for me, and in the grand scheme of gaming they're less expensive than when I was a kid and had to convince my parents to buy me $80+ n64 games.

Second, because fuck waiting, I'll read early reviews just to see if they're a buggy mess, but I usually buy day one because I know I'll like anything I'm excited for, I know how to manage my expectations of games and haven't really been burnt by a purchase since I was a teen.

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Any reason for the lack of interest in Visual Kei? It's almost entirely contained in the appearance and stage antics (ie the 'visual' part) and not the musical styling.

Either way I love the modern Dir en Grey stuff for heavyrock/metal, they used to be very much visual kei but moved on from it a long while back, Ouroboros is my favorite recent album, and this track really makes it:

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Personally I'm sick of all the cynicism and pessimism, this was one of if not the best e3 in the last decade, why can't you just fucking be happy?

So many personalities in this industry claim to love games, but you don't even see a goddamn smile on their face over anything, if you're so dead inside why even bother being a part of it?

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@sinusoidal: What do you mean people will hate it if it doesn't change? I don't get it, that's what they want for the most part, minor deviations and expanded dialogue aside.

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Don't apologize for being right, FFVII is a masterpiece that deserves a full scale remake, and I'm saying that as someone who doesn't hold it as the greatest JRPG of all time, it's not even my fav Final Fantasy, but as far as cultural status and nostalgia go I feel it's more deserving than the vast majority of games that are getting remasters and crap now.

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Yep, definitely, not my favorite FF but it's good enough and popular enough for a remake, I just really hope they don't make it an action RPG... even then I'd play it.

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I've been listening to the Witcher audiobooks lately, the narrator does voices for all the characters and it's well done, I also recommend the audiobook of Ready Player One which is read by Wil Wheaton, it's a great way to experience it.