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Campaign: Black Ops, Multiplayer: MW2

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Which episode of UPF did Vinny finally finish Lord of Shadow?

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WASD Movement, E interact/use, R reload, C crouch toggle, if not toggle then CTRL, Shift walk (Always Run checked), Space jump, TAB inventory or other information screen (automap, etc), F and Q used for secondary attacks like melee or grenade throw.

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There's practically nothing morally that can really deter me from anything, not that I can think of, I'd probably play all the things you mentioned assuming they were well made/interested me as a game.

For an example, I still really want to play this despite it being fake:

Serial Killer Roguelike

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None of the ones mentioned so far at least, if anything some of them deserved better combat, and there a quite a few games I haven't played because of the lack of being able to fight back which I feel is a boring trend in modern horror games.

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Framerate stutter/hitching, by far.

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I have only ever thrown away cardboard boxes because they tend to get crumpled and faded, otherwise all my discs remain in their case (when not in use), I usually keep my GB/GBC/GBA/DS carts in a container and leave the cases on a shelf but I've stopped doing that with 3DS/Vita because I don't have enough of them for it to matter.

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The first two Sleigh Bells albums, which also happen to be the 5th and 6th music CDs I have ever bought.

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While we're making blanket statements then allow me, Final Fantasy wasn't all that great until 7 and died after 10, it's ever so slowly resurrecting but it's going to need a lot of phoenix downs.

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@jumbs said:

Also, call to moderators to ban anyone who says things like "Political Correctness gone too far!" or "Social Justice Warrior!" unironically.

And that is exactly the kind of fucking idiotic article I was expecting when entering this thread, good job playing up the stereotype of Social Justice Douchebaggery.