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I couldn't get into 4 at all, I just found 3 to be an overall better game, and we never got 5 which I consider to be the next best in the series.

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Just tried the rebuild the database thing, Central Yarnham takes about 22sec to load when it used to take 40, still not great but definitely better, hope the next patch helps things.

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I'm pretty excited for the new 3DS game being made by Arc System Works

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@kasaioni said:

@lead_dispencer: The Fury is definitely the toughest of the bosses. He's sort of random if you don't know how he reacts to things.

Huh, guess I must of found a good pattern for him, he's one of the few bosses I feel confident against in this game.

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What's with this saying that camera controls are fast? Are you guys falling for the illusion of speed caused by the motion blur?

It takes approximately 3 seconds to make a full 360 rotation (timed via video capture), that isn't fast.

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The HD collection is really freakin' bad, it wasn't just the fog being missing that ruined it, most of the glaring problems weren't fixed, and the ones that were are only fixed in the PS3 version.

The issues are too numerous to even list, a review that covers everything that's wrong with it is the length of a movie:

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So I just came across this, Dara O'Briain knows Drew's pain:

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I really want to like the good parts of it but I didn't play it for more than 20min because of the god awful framerate.

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Honestly I love the way the motion blur looks, I just wish it wasn't immediately full blur upon moving the camera, if there was some build up to it so slight movements didn't do it but large ones did it'd be way cooler.

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I honestly can't understand people's complaints about the game, every moment was an absolute blast for me and I think it's a pretty much perfect sequel in every way.