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Ooh, could you upload the model file? I'd like to mess around with it as I've been learning stuff as well (different program though).

Any filetype should work, as long as you're exporting the model and not just saving the project.

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Discs, unless they put up some REALLY good digital deals in the future it's not worth not being able to trade or sell, and having a 250GB/month internet limit prevents me from say downloading Wolfenstein at 45GB.

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I personally think Neptunia (the first one) had fantastic hilarious writing for being a mediocre anime dungeon crawler.

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Whenever someone says they can 'get used to' either I feel like cracking their skull.

I can NOT for the life of me play any other way, I've tried desperately to do so because of how many old games have completely fucked up inconfigurable camera controls, it's infuriating how I can't simply make my mind work the way I need it to.

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Honestly I'd rather have ERs than pretty much any of the other site content, it's why I came here in the first place and still the best content on the site.

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Campaign: Black Ops, Multiplayer: MW2

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Which episode of UPF did Vinny finally finish Lord of Shadow?

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WASD Movement, E interact/use, R reload, C crouch toggle, if not toggle then CTRL, Shift walk (Always Run checked), Space jump, TAB inventory or other information screen (automap, etc), F and Q used for secondary attacks like melee or grenade throw.

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There's practically nothing morally that can really deter me from anything, not that I can think of, I'd probably play all the things you mentioned assuming they were well made/interested me as a game.

For an example, I still really want to play this despite it being fake:

Serial Killer Roguelike

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None of the ones mentioned so far at least, if anything some of them deserved better combat, and there a quite a few games I haven't played because of the lack of being able to fight back which I feel is a boring trend in modern horror games.