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I really want someone to take that color chart and create a photo filter out of it, I might do it myself if I can figure out a way.

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I'm loving it, everything from the looks, to the weapons and gunplay, the drone, and the variety in the chapters.

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@video_game_king said:

@ottoman673 said:

He's non-premium, what the fuck is he doing watching, let alone complaining about a stream he in all reality shouldn't be able to watch?

And that makes this discussion not worth having?

And what effort do you need? Go on stream, play a video game, facilitate conversation while drinking. Seems pretty simple to me.

There's room to fuck up anywhere in those, you know. You still need to put in effort to entertain your audience doing this.

Sure, there's room for criticism and discussion, but it shouldn't start from the mouth of a pirate.

Way to make assumptions, I also am not a premium member because I don't have a way to pay for it, so a friend an I just watch them at their place since they do, I don't even have access to his account we just load 'em up on the TV and sit back and watch. That's proper sharing.

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If you put one disc on the HDD and another on USB it won't have that issue, no word on if you put both discs on USB but I'd assume it'd have the same bandwidth issues.

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Hey now let's not start any dumb rumors, there is nothing to suggest GTA5 will run bad, especially with Rockstar's excellent track record and the that they're primarily a console developer with a lot of experience.

Though I can't believe how bad some games have been lately, some developers just don't seem to acknowledge or care about the problems, and it's not all to do with the hardware, most of these cases seem more like the priorities are just fucked.

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Dredmor, NetHack, and I guess Dwarf Fortress in dungeon mode or whatever it's called are rougelikes.

The rest have elements of rougelikes it different ways, but that's it, they arn't 'like' Rogue any more at that point, just sharing some design ideas.

and of course Rogue itself doesn't count.

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At this point with the kind of budgets those games have (and with atlus's parent company going bankrupt) I'd imagine it'd have to be current gen or handheld, I really hope it isn't handheld exclusive though, portable version sure but not exclusive.

One problem I see is ever since Nocturne they've been reusing a ton of the demon models and animations, they'd almost certainly have to redo them with higher polycounts and new animations for HD, which is really time consuming (and probably the reason they opted to use sprites in SMT4, so they didn't have to reuse them again).

As for platform it'd most likely be 360/PS3 with possibly a Vita version, Catherine was their testbed and as far as I know their technology worked fine on both consoles, it might not be the best choice to put out a 360 version in Japan, but I can only assume they'd make a profit on it elsewhere.

On the other hand the dev process for the new consoles might be easier to the point that they'd make it faster if they did it, but if that was the case it'd probably only be there because of the ease and not so much taking advantage of the power, if the price speculation of next gen development is to be believed

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Stop being bad at things, because it plays fine.

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Matt Rorie Killed Kennedy.


Also the log in link leads to

Not suspicious at all.

That url must be a redirect in itself, because JayIsGames is actually a pretty reputable site that's been in the sort of webring of indie review sites for years over on TIGSource, I'm sure they have nothing to do with this.

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360, I can't deal with load times and patching process on PS3, that and if Max Payne 3 and Red Dead were any indication it'll probably run better.