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im insanely confused about the ouya, a lot of people on the gaff thread and the internet as a whole say they'll use it as a cheap emulation device.... whats stopping nintendo, sony, sega or any company that's games are being emulated from suing and shutting the whole thing down?

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i would just like to point out the the L in my name is in fact a capital i, i know its lame but somebody stole my name :(

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id love to get in on some of this, sadly us europeans have to wait until next month to play with yo americanos sigh

anyway my ID is : VicRattIehead <------ thats a capital i instead of l btw i know it sucks sigh

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the boss of bosses would be wasted on half you ungrateful fuckers... look at how Patrick gets treated for god sake

hope he finds a job i really miss the matt rorie ran screened

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hmm i checked the eshop like an hour ago and there was nothing :(

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its all about how they handle the downloadable stuff... they fuck us over on that they can eat a dick

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meh at least when no one buys it, it cant be blamed on the wiiu

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i still kinda want the wiiu version even though its seemingly been left to die

the game really doesn't look like it'll be much good but every time i hear the rifle fire it gives me hope

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lets go ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

banking on arturo dropping some serious esports money in so ST takes it in the last second...