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id recommend chew, it's about a detective who gets psychic impressions by eating things like fruit or people. its really awesome guillorys art is cool every background seems to be full of little easter eggs

i also really really really like x-factor, it was easily the best monthly x-men book for a couple of years there, dunno how its faring now as i don't really buy comics anymore

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@A_Cute_Squirtle: all wiiu, think he said at the end there would be a 3ds one soon

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boring as fuck for 20 minutes and then they started dropping the bombs.... panic nintendo are best nintendo...

man that new xeno game just looks awesome, really hope that's shulk in the trailer and its a sequel to xenoblade. Also hope its not an MMO

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you are correct missle is the best, the animation and some of the music is also some of the best on the ds as well.... such a fantastic little gem this game is

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i got excited when i seen dqx then sad when i seen the japan sighhhhh

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@Jensonb said:

The Wii sold 475K over the same period in the US. The quoted 600K figure was for The Americas.

this will be ignored for the usual nintendoom'd funtimes

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@McGhee: i believe whats left of that is on the sfxtekken disc but you have to spend $20 to unlock it :|

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i really couldn't get over how bad the load times where.... it was pretty mind boggling...

i don't really care about the ports being terrible i'd hazard a guess that they probably only spent a couple of months on them and i was never going to consider buying them anyway

Im not sure what to do with my preorder.... i got one for £200 so i could probably flip it on ebay for a profit but i do want to play zombiu and monster hunter next year :'(

hopefully there's a system update before the UK gets it that sorts out some of those load times

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@jakob187: ha that is amazing.... pity there was no monsters in the crowd the two times i've seen guardian live..... now im listening to guardian songs, awesome thanks

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