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Quite simply, the Kinect use limits the game genres and possibilities. You can't turn back or you won't see the screen anymore, just that eliminates : FPS, TPS, action/adventure, football, fighting ... And even if asvertised I'm sure a driving simulator wouldn't respond as well as a controller : you need extreme precision when you turn or accelerate or brake.

And what about controlling your TV? Damn get a remote/controller it'll be 10 times easier.

#2 Posted by VictorDeLeon (39 posts) -

can't find any info on a Sony press conference, is there one?

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don't like it one bit, Playstation Vita is way too long, Vita is Italian for life and I don't like anything Italian except food (too proud of themselves, treats women like ****), doesn't sound well anyway, PSV for short reminds me of PSV Eindhoven ...

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Japan are utterly xenophobic, Sony has spread in the whole world so Japanese government thinks they're not Japanese anymore and will treat them like enemies

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just removing the CC# after each purchase and not memorizing it would be enough, it was a bore to find the sub menu to erase the CC#

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so basically you're thanking Sony for having you being able to buy a game you already bought but is useless to you as it doesn't allow you to continue with your game save as you should have been able to do?
so that just means digital ditribution is crap as I always thought it was, it only allows companies to gain more money and totally control the whereabout of a game and remove some of the steps of the chain, as if they want to remove the game, you'll have paid for nothin, but if you bought the game on disc, you'd still have it
the saddest thing is it will try to kill the used market and they won't care killing lots of jobs, and having gamers see it other even less often to exchange views or become friends

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if they want to make it, it's free but you can buy some upgrades with real money, they won't get anything from me as I buy "real" things with my money, I'll get the items with my play time

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there won't be any real difference for efficiency in the first levels, you'll get some powers to choose when you level up (sometimes offensive, some skills, some movement) but seems you can change them at headquarters (may be limited number of changes)

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there's bonuses for pre order :
3 items for hero and 3 others for villain

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I don't understand at all the wiki subs / points system, I have in my profile a page listing my "submissions" and points but I don't even remember doing any submission at all ... maybe it was for a challenge where I added trivia questions? and how can I get more points and what to do with them?

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