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Random thoughts about your The Last of Us review:

  • Some rambling, some random typos, whatever.
  • Your thesis is remarkably weak. It boils down to, "Other post-apocalyptic video games exist, and this is one of the good ones." What specifically makes it good? If you had to tell me the most important bits of your opinion in a sentence or two, what would that be? Without a strong thesis at the start of your review, you have nothing tying all the paragraphs together.
  • Your first sentence for the Story section runs long.
  • You could spend a lot less time summarizing the plot.
  • "While there are some strong hooks in this narrative [Rambling summary problem I just told you about] the set-pieces themselves pale in importance to the interactions between characters." Kind of a weird thing to say when you told us that you liked the game. Maybe split this into two points and address each individually.
  • Overall, you could use some more focused analysis. Your morality paragraph is a good start on that.
    • But on that note, "Though, to be fair if you were to make any moral choices in this game they would definitely all be grey and ugly." is not a necessary sentence. We already know that The Last of Us is a bleak world.
      • Bet you guys didn't know about indented bullet lists, did ya?
  • This doesn't read like a review so much as it does a basic summary/walkthrough of the game with light opinion sprinkled here and there.
  • "The feelings evoked" paragraph: go into more detail here. This is the kind of stuff you want to focus on. What does this contribute to the game's quality and whatnot.
    • And the paragraph after that: you're so close to making a point with this. Go deeper in.
  • What mood does this game evoke? What mood should it evoke? These are the questions you should be thinking about and addressing in a review for The Last of Us. (Or any game, really. But especially The Last of Us.)
  • There are too many comparisons to other games here, and they're put in too bluntly. Abandon this technique for a good while.
  • The exploration part is getting closer to the level of thinking you should put into this review. Or maybe it's already there, and your writing doesn't reflect this. Whatever.
  • Change "appearance" to "aesthetic." Other than that, it seems like you're going in the right direction with this (although again, greater depth is needed).
  • "A number of people have gone so far as to call The Last of Us the Citizen Kane of gaming," :|
    • Even if it's true, that's a dumb sentence to include in anything.
      • And the sentence after it isn't much better.
        • In fact, you could just get rid of this entire paragraph, as it's not relevant to much of anything you're trying to argue. (Not that I have much of a clue what you're arguing other than the vague "The Last of Us is good.")
  • "I think by this point you can see that I think The Last of Us is something important." No, I can't.
  • "In more concrete terms however The Last of Us is also a hell of a lot of fun to play" Is that a good thing? Wouldn't fun contrast sharply against the amoral world depicted? And wasn't one of your earlier points arguing somewhat against this (in that combat/stealth/whatever feels like what the characters feel or whatever)?
  • "It’s my hope to see more games like The Last of Us come out, titles which focus not just on gameplay mechanics but on crafting a setting and a narrative, games that tell a truly complex story, and by their end have you walking away to think about them for a long time to come." This reads like something written in 2004.
  • Your "What Worked/Didn't Work" segment at the end is just repeating points you already made, not simplifying complex points you were hoping to make. That section would make sense if you were going for the latter, but as of now, I'd just get rid of it.
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@smcn said:

What are the chances this ends up being the only entry?

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Part the 八番目

Happy birthday, Emi! Guess what I got you? That's right: jack fucking shit! (Don't worry; she's only in this update for two pictures before she bails.)

"But enough about that time I ate 64 slices of American cheese."
"Nomiya." "I understand completely."
Well, enough of that bullshit. Back to the plot.
"Like I was supposed to lock the door?"
For example:
When did Yu Narukami transfer to Yamaku!?
Yea, fuck Narukami, apparently! (And Hanako. The hell is she doing here?)
None of those words sound pleasant.
Anything to get the.....the hell away from Nomiya.
"For the love of GOD, please tell me you haven't left this room."
I should mention that this is half the dialogue for her entire route. 60% in this scene alone.
"Yes, it can."
Play along at home and make the obvious joke.
"Gonna give you cat whiskers. Make your eyes sizzle like you wouldn't believe."
"I don't think either of us wants to look at each other while she's doing this."
"How's this?"
"A GOOD pose."
Or that. That works, too.
And it was here I realized I should've nicknamed her Rin "The Abyss".
Because your partner has never made anything that's looked disfigured. Remember her mural?
How in-character.
"Agreed. You DO look silly."
I guess we've found a new drinking game: take a shot every time the writers link Rin to a butterfly.
"Four months and change, and I'm still waiting."
"*slurping noises*"
Still a lot better than I could do. (God, I wish that was a joke.)
"I have to say, they really do pop out at you."
"Why's that?" "Would YOU want to date you?"
"Would you date me? I'd date me. I'd date me hard."
Oh.....there's actually art of him looking into a mirror. For all of two or three lines. This is how we end the day, by the way.
"That explains the erection."
You say that like you don't regularly shower.......Please tell me you regularly shower.
.............................I am................I am so incredibly confused right now.
Guess which one of those we're seeing first? Or at all?
Another art pun, huh? Please don't let this be Hisao's weird character trait for Rin's route.
Guess who's gonna die?

There's also some art of that girl with the baguettes sticking her face in Hisao's business. Unfortunately, she didn't say anything funny enough to make the cut. So to make up for it, a preview for tomorrow's update:

Help Hisao out.

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But yes, trying to play a complex online multiplayer dependant video game like Master of Epic could end up badly.

This I know, and I didn't even get to the part where I saw other players.

Other Japanese tip of the day: avoid sci-fi games for a while.

Unless you like kanji out the butt.

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  • If you want to practice your Japanese reading and writing, give Japanese servers in online video games/Japanese video games a go!

For advanced users only.

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Fragile Dreams

Katawa Shoujo. Don't forget Katawa Shoujo.

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@azrailx said:

is space dandy worth watching?

This should answer all your questions.

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@daiphyer said:

I am a Japanese Arts and Literature student in University of Tehran in Iran.

Well, you're going to be dealing with about a four hour time difference, so you're kind of lucky there?

Other than that, all I can really say is Google Skype groups and hope you get lucky. My recommendations? Pester the shit out of Lang-8 and Mixxer and.....there are probably others.

I might have some other advice, but that's it for now.