8 Years On

Well it seems it was eight years ago that I came up with the idea and still no-one has "already done it". So with the help of the Unreal 4 engine I am trying myself. Head over to Astonished By Design and see how mapping the eyeball rotation to the mouse/right controller stick and having the head automatically track the direction of sight which consequently makes the eye change it's position in 3D space, makes the basis for the "First Person Simulation". The first complete experience will be called 02:20 begins at 2:20 am that takes 2hrs 20min real time regardless of what happens but what happens depends on the player.


Possible burn out.

Is there something wrong with me? I look at games like Transistor, Braid, DOTA, Super Meat Boy and Bastion etc. and I am interested in them but there is going to be little to no chance that I will buy them. What I seem to be doing is having a specific disconnect from the character and setting etc. that appears to come down to the 3rd person view being really distant from the character. In simpler terms, games that are close up 3rd person such as Saint’s Row and Assassin’s Creed series or 1st person games are instantly more appealing. Right now Planetside 2, Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect and the upcoming Watch Dogs are the most appealing games. I’m getting sick of shooting people in first person but I would still play Planetside 2 over Transistor and I am always ready to continue into the hundreds of hours of flight simulators (previously Flight Simulator x but X-Plane has taken over for me). Sorry Supergiant, I am not trying to single Transistor out but it’s just a good example of what I am talking about. Any time it’s a racing game, cockpit is the way to go rather the seemingly more disconnected behind car views. Shorter and smaller budget games appear to be taking over the industry and I realise that creation of large environments with detailed high quality assets is very expensive, the game takes longer to finish and the risk of failure is then made even greater because of the time and resources required to make the bigger titles such as AC and GTA etc. but for me there will be a point soon when I will only be buying about three games a year instead of ten or so. I wish I could get more excited for the indie games but unfortunately the experiences that are produced are very rarely close up 3rd person of 1st person with any great substance. Maybe I am just getting old and burning out on games. Maybe I have never really been into games properly, even though I have spent tens of thousands of pounds on them, buying for the Acorn Electron, Amiga 500 and 1200, 486 – i7 PC, PS2, PS3, 360 and Wii and now this is the first time I have not bought any new consoles and looks like it will be very hard to justify doing so this year. I’m still religiously listening to the week Bombcast, daily looking at the Giantbomb, Gamespot and IGN sites with no sign of lack of general enthusiasm for the industry and life in general. I am not getting depressed over this situation just confused I think. Am I alone on this?

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