That Guy With The Glasses

Any other fans here? Who's your favorite? From the ones I've watched so far(Critic, Chick, Linkara, and Spoony) they all have their own, nice flavors. I do miss Lindsey's reviews though. I wish her the best with her work in college but still. I love all of Doug's works, but I love his That Guy Riffs. They're funny enough to ignore the lack of Chester. I really want Lewis to continue the adventures of Ensign Munroooooooe.
As a side note, who should I get started on next after I catch up on Spoony? I'm deciding between Angry Joe, Cinema Snob, Benzaie, Sage, Marzgurl, Phelous, Film Brain, Lord Kat, and Paw. For me, the guys who are listed on the main page of the site must represent the elite and probably update frequently enough.


The death of the game rental stores

I'm saddened by the downfall of retailers like Hollywood Video and Blockbuster. I've had many good memories there. HV in particular was my main source of VG rentals and Game Crazy my bought games. Anyone else gonna miss those stores?