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Get a notepad out for the second game on. I'm not even kidding actually, writing down who 'dies' and major plot points on a piece of notebook paper (several pieces of notebook paper)  will help you from ravaging your own brain later when the conspiracy's and plot twists start flying out of everyone's ass.

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As a fellow drummer, it's always nice to just go crazy during a jam and just have fun, but you should probably give your friend a little more room when playing. Let those guitar riffs play out and do the cool fills every couple measures. Other wise just keep jamming. KEEP IT TIGHT YO!

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I remember always hating split screen even in the n64 days. I would always complain about not being able to see anything, screen looking, and inevitably comparing it to computer games like quake and doom where you didn't have to use split screen.

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9 of Spades, the end of Giantbomb.

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RB3 + pro guitar deal from

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No no no please don't shake the baby

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shit were fucked

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we're so underground dude

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While I'm always pro keyboard and mouse, I can excuse this game simply because of the VATS targeting, and it's so damn addicting that playing for long stretches upright in a computer chair kills my back and makes my ass numb. leaning back in a more comfortable recliner and not having that horrible mouse/wrist pain is nice. Or maybe I just need to buy a new computer chair.

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Yes, I have friends who play games and probably have about 12 xbox 360 games from various friends laying around, and I probably have 12 of my games laying around at friends houses.