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I'm just going to use dumb comparisons then. Who knows, maybe one will stick.

A paintbrush is used for painting. That doesn't mean you can't stick it up your butt for a good time.

To quote the brilliant, yet over-looked works of Sesame Street:
"One of these things is not like the others."
Perhaps you should compare a firearm to another equally patriotic symbol/object instead of trying to compare two completely unrelatable things.

Like a firework! Fireworks are awesome! And they explode into pretty colors!



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I don't think the argument is not 100% associated to innovation, nor being too "samey".

In our endeavor to change things, we lose sight of what fundamentally drew people to the franchise in the first place. Adaptation and re-interpretation of mechanics and design are things that have been done time and time before, it is not a new endeavor by this industry.

At the same-time things do get stagnant, and change with something dramatic like a reboot is something that should be considered.

What unifies these concepts of gameplay mechanic adaptation and full-blown reboots is the following:
Is what we are removing and replacing of, is as equal quality to what was there before? We can't appease everyone, but will a good majority of those that have been with us, follow us, with these changes. And finally do these changes make fundamental sense within the ecosystem of the franchise.

If you can't follow through with these basic principles: Make a new IP. It's that simple.

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Tune in Next week though, When Vidioto gets to talk Ni No Kuni , because guaranteed, he's the only one out of all of us that'll have the game in his hands. 
Wow. I can't wait to listen to him talk about that.
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@Tidel: A great question, but not one that is exclusive to gaming. The notion that most facets of internet discussion usually boils down to sensationalism is something that rings true. I would argue that I had read numerous editorials and articles regarding the many issues with DmC since it's inception that went beyond hair. 
I don't think it's entitlement, I think in this case it's an honest disconnect.  
I remember years ago with the announcement of fallout 3 a moment of sheer absurdity when a fan complained the new suit the character wore wasn't a blue 1950's sci-fi style jumpsuit, but a stitched uniform. And this was a justified reasoning to not even look at the game. When it came to that specific franchise, the underlying context for that franchise made sense to what happened to it. The previous company had quite publicly sunk, and the franchise hadn't had a new entry for years. 

I don't see that with DmC. 
The last title sold well, had an anime series, and progressed (admittedly stupid) mythology over the course of several years.  
After the fourth game, there was a clear arch where this franchise was going, and then out-of-the-blue it get's rebooted. Not just rebooted: Completely re-imagined.  

Imagine reading your favorite comic book, and learning one-day for no apparent reason, it was time to hit the reset button. Throw your pre-conceptions and justification for rebooting the series here for a second, and look at the response: Clearly something was off here. And while I enjoyed Brad's review, this idea that DmC as a franchise was on it's last-legs, or prior was in some-sort of development limbo, is news to me: And that's what's wrong here. 
I view the vitriol afterwards as something systemic that has yet to be dealt with. There are other factors at-play here that go beyond DmC or even NT. The distrust of game reviews is incredibly disheartening that I think we need to deal with.   
Granted, I think the conversation should move more away from DmC and where do we continue forward from here.
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@Nettacki said:

@Tidel: Yeah, the fans were assholes first. Not all of them though. That doesn't change the fact that the devs kept it going due to also throwing vitriol towards ALL the fans, from the apathetic to the outraged. And on top of that, the game journalists joined in. If NT sort of just said "whatever" and moved on, I would have at least praised them for their professionalism and respect. But they didn't, thus they get hate and accusations of unprofessionalism and disrespect to the franchise.

I'll admit, perhaps they could have toned down the death threats. But in the end, NT brought this upon themselves, with no real attempt to deflect criticism in a professional way.

If I've learned anything from this situation, or previous problems over the last year it's this: Gaming needs better public relations.  
Ya'know, there's a reason why for a lot of people DmC is turning into a "pleasant surprise". Anyone go back to the original trailer of this game's announcement recently? We initially didn't even know if Dante had a freaking sword.  
Questions about the reliability of the game engine, to the combat, were unanswered for months. While under a torrent of calls for answers, they released a series of interviews that were almost as cryptic as you could get.  
Months after the announcement trailer I had friends still wondering whether or not DmC was a reboot. There was clearly a fundamental failure to communicate what this project was, and the general disconnect between the gaming press and fans was, and still is daunting. The problems are numerous, from artistic to technical, and the conversation has been belittled and portrayed to a small number of fans complaining about hair color.  
Suffice to say: There's a big reason why the new Tomb Raider reboot has barely a blip of controversy. 
As a fan of Ninja Theory, as someone who got every achievement in Enslaved (plus DLC), as someone who loves the Devil May Cry series, and more importantly: As someone who believes many of the positive reviews are justified with the scores they have been given, I cannot subscribe to this bottom of the barrel argument.  
I've read too much, experienced too much, to know while death-threats for anything is NOT justified, the anger that is still palpable on the internet, is perfectly justified and most of it is most certainly NT/Capcom's own creation. Yet to be fair, the problems that NT/Capcom exhibited up to this game's release is not exclusive to either party. This entire year has been filled with complete, for lack of a better word: Clusterfuck, in regards to the relation of developer and consumer.  
We needed stronger P.R. all-around, I strongly believe it's one of the major causes to a lot of the polarization between some of the bigger titles released this year.  
I'm turning into an old man.
I don't want to do this again.  
And shouting how everyone upset about this game are children, or how people at NT should die after disgracing a property, doesn't accomplish a goddamn thing. 
Now if you'll excuse me I have yell at kids to get off my lawn.
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@Apathylad said:

Tales of Graces f didn't get any coverage. I doubt they'll get around to The Last Story.

That's because every "Tales of" game is the fucking same. 

True, and because of this new policy Giant Bomb will stop all Quick-Looks of franchises that have too much similarity between titles. The following franchises will not get a Quick-Look treatment due to the following changes in policy: 
  • Call of Duty
  • Halo
  • Final Fantasy
  • Mass Effect 
  • Medal Of Honor
  • Mega Man
  • Resident Evil
  • Gears Of War
  • Grand Theft Auto
Also, no quick-looks things that don't make money.  
Or sequels.  
Or games that have the same genre. I have played a JRPG, thus, all of them are the same.
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wtf Haruka playable? oh shit.

sucks that Tanimura playable in this one, as he was my favorite character in Yakuza 4. 

Seeing stylized Aikido in a game was rad, specifically how the disarm moves were initiated by countering an attack. The wrist disarms and throws reminded me when I actually did Aikido years ago.   
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Why is this in the delete forum?

Haruka as a playable character? You have my attention. She better fight too.

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Trine 2 . Got it way before completing the story , and it's not very long .

Yeah- That trophy list is absolutely baffling.  
An S-Rank that can be easily obtained, well before even getting close to the ending of the game. I had to re-read the trophy list just to be sure I wasn't missing probably a single trophy concerning passing a chapter. It's crazy on PS3: 13 trophies, one platinum, one silver...and the rest are gold???  
As an answer to the question, I'm sure I've answered this before: Any TellTale game: You really have no business not having an S-Rank in any of them if you have any of them. Their might be a few missables here and there, but with proper saving and quickly replaying you're fine. 
Lego games have become a good bet. Their time-consuming, but a far cry from the achievement lists from the original Lego Star Wars games. 
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Every, freaking, time I am reminded of this game, I remember this: