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At some point in life I will regret it, just like I regret everything I've ever done despite loving most of it. That's just the way I tend to be.

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I don't care two shits about F1 but I like Danny and Drew. Should I listen to this thing?

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You should probably read In Cold Blood if you haven't already.

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There's one way of going over this; Your PC probably has other outgoing ports for visuals other than that HDMI. VGA or DVI maybe? Those don't transmit sound, so get a DVI/VGA->HDMI-block to go there, and you'll only get image to your TV and sound from your PC.

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I live in Finland, pay 28,90 euros a month for this. Advertisted as 24/1mb. Will be moving in to a new apartment at the end of the month which will have 100/10mb for 19,90.

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@legion_ said:

@shortbreadtom: Not a fan of movie critics. They really seem super pretentious to me. Like, certain sites or critics can't score a movie well just cause of the type of movie it is, not it's quality.

Could you link a few? As a movie critic (I guess) I'm super-interested in the public perception of this whole thing and I'd love to see some examples of critics who supposedly hate any film of a specific genre while still sticking to their guns reviewing it.

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Just a few movies off the top of my head:

As far as WW2-stuff goes, Claude Lanzmann's Shoah had me in occasional tears and a constant, giant bulge in my throat for about eight of it's 9½-hour run time. Barefoot Gen is also such a harrowing experience that, I don't know if I cried, but I sure felt like it a lot of the time and would've, had I not been so terrified by what I was seeing. Much more effective than the almost Spielbergian in comparison Grave of the Fireflies.

Keeping in the 80s, I'd also like to note Andrzej Zulawski's Possession, and in particular one of the later scenes in which Sam Neill is desperately trying to hold on to Isabelle Adjani and they both feel like their anxieties are killing them. That feeling translated to the other side of the screen too, causing me to become mentally so pained I had to weep a bit. Also, the scene in the end where

their son drowns himself to escape from the coming apocalypse of his current world

made me cry, as the level of acceptance in that child's mind of this scenario was just so unbearable to me.

As far as more recent stuff goes, I cried during 12 Years A Slave, in the scene where it becomes clear to all parties that hope is lost. The thematic elements of that movie coming together like that was rather soul-crushing. Calin Netzer's Pozitia Copilului also choked me up in the end - if you've seen it you know the scene I mean. Hisham Zaman's Before Snowfall also had an ending that gave me all sorts of awful feelings, though mostly I just felt sad that it literally had to end like this. I might've cried a bit there too.

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@whatevergirl24: On it, Boss.

I tried burning myself alive but I only got like half my face so they told me I have to go to a special school now. Guess I'll grow some hair to cover this up...

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I kind of count a tattoo looking nice to the person as something important to them. So kinda both? Have what you want, just so long as you really know you want it. Why you want it is secondary as long as it's really something not done on a whim.

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