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You should use the subtitles for a while. It isn't the accents necessarily but the words. Everyone likes adding random As to places where an A should never voyage. After you get the hang of it it's easy listening but getting the hang of it, at least in your case, might require subtitles for a while.

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I stepped off my horse next to a puddle of water. The game interpreted this as me diving into the ocean so I began to levitate above ground, only able to move with the swimming animations. I air-swam to the closest Drowners who then beat the shit out of me because I couldn't do a damn thing.

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There are absolutely 0 mods for this. Probably due to a lack of popularity and the fact that the whole Origin-thing is kind of a closed eco-system.

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Hot damn is this a good picture.

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If you just want to start making a game without knowing a single thing about it before hand I highly, highly recommend giving a shot to Tom Francis's (developer of Gunpoint) excellent YouTube tutorial about making a game in Game Maker without any prior experience. Game Maker Studio is a completely free software that's even available on Steam for you to download. Here's the first part:

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Alyas Batman Et Robin ranks among the worst films I've seen, period. A 90s Philippino musical action comedy that's trying to be a parody of America and the 60s Batman-series and features ADD-infused Joker and Penguin robbing banks while singing americana hits from the Everly Brothers while Batman and Robin fart around somewhere. In the end they have a big fight. Boy oh boy. Then we've got the 70s Captain America TV-movies with Reb Brown. Say what you will about Pyun's 90s version, at least something happens in that thing. The highlight in these movies is that they did cast Christopher Lee in the sequel. That's it. The fact that you see a dude in a movie is better than anything in the two movies combined. Also, friggin' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is one of the worst things conceived by man. Those puppets, that plot... damn son.

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I mean... as someone who watches a lot of movies that don't exist in any other format than shitty VCD/VHS-releases, I can't be. I'll rather watch something I want to see than not watch it because of the picture quality.