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So yeah, I saw Guardians today at the local press screening. Since it continues the long line of Marvel films I see but don't write proper reviews of because I have nothing interesting to say about them, I'll be brief and mention that it's... good? It's definitely the most auteuristic Marvel has ever gotten, as Gunn's more schlock/camp inspired sense of humor truly shines through the entire film. That being said it still retains that big-ass Marvel look with polished CGI (I kid you not, during the end credits there's about two screenfuls of CGI artists back to back) and action that looks very messy and has plenty of one-liners. The best part about the film, aside from the part where they gave a Troma-protege a huge budget and let him run with it, are the actors. As a seminal wrestling fan I would've never imagined to say a good word about Dave Bautista but this might be the role he was born to play. Most of all all the actors play so well together with the exception of Glenn Close, who... well. Remember how Anthony Hopkins was in the Thor-movies and he had this character he had to play? Well, Close doesn't have one. But the interaction especially between the five main dudes is just great fun when their dialogue isn't pure exposition (about a third). All this being said, I do feel the film relies way too much on action when you take notion of the gold it has in it's hands when the group just talks together. Here's hoping the sequel has less explosions and more tight, stupid negotiations and dance-off distractions.

PS. Lloyd Kaufman has a cameo that lasts under a second but it made me the happiest man on Earth because for that half a second, Kaufman was also clearly the happiest man on Earth. He deserves it.

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My main issue with it is that it lacks a central drive. So far different things have been tying together in some way (I'm sure that'll all continue) but it's just not that compelling.

I don't think it is hyperbole. You know what is, though? That dialogue. If you can find a single sentence in that game that doesn't contain some sort of figure of speech, I'll be joyful. Thus far I haven't seen one. Now I don't mind this, as you put it, lighthearted dialogue in general, but there really is something off when every single sentence has that stuff in it. For a slow reader such as myself this makes reading in a game with tons of it such a painfully slow process. I would appreciate it if a character would get to their point without stuffing metaphors between every word. I think this game passes the point where the dialogue isn't so much playful any more as it is just something that gets in the way of moving forward in the story.

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The story is fine. The dialogue is terrible. Since that's how most of the story is delivered, it severely hinders the ability to enjoy said story.

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Oh totally FUCK THIS GAME!

Where's the difficulty setting? FUCK THIS GAME!

Punishes you every time you die by taking away a bit of your health, even though dying is essential to this game? FUCK THIS GAME! Broken game design.

Where is my God Damn Refund!

I'm tired of reading great reviews of this game. This is a BADLY Designed game.

Where is my God Damn Refund!

Oooooh I want this to be a real post so bad.

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Is your name Paul WS Anderson?

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The first. It's one of my favorite slashers from the 80s. Love that soundtrack.

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Raw ground beef. Can't get enough of dat tartare.