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I dunno if this is the type of stuff usually in these posts but I wrote my first actual in-depth wiki entry on a game no one has probably played: Monster Rancher Hop-A-Bout

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Well, shit.

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Wasteland 2... that came out on pc already right? I think I remember that game getting officially released and then the public consciousness forgetting it.

It did and it won a few PC Game GOTYs. Well worth them I might add.

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Great that you're happy even though I don't know you. That's really cool. And like you've already noticed, those people and places you might have lost during this transition, well, they totally get replaced by other, usually cooler people and places! As long as you keep that in mind it'll all be fine. Everyone goes through phases like that. Most of us have the privilege of undergoing them in a slow period that takes years for relationships to deteriorate or so, and I'm sure sorry you had to go through that garbage all in a fairly brief period of time, but if anything, that just shows you're one hella strong lady.

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@teddie said:

I actually really dislike Grave of the Fireflies, just because the kids seem to exist purely as something to make you feel sad. There's also this weird theory about it being produced with the idea of making younger generation respect/feel bad for the struggles their parents/elders went through in war times. The whole thing just felt super manipulative to me, but it seems plenty of people in this thread love it, so more power to them and the film.

I'm totally with you on this. The tragic moments are often my favorite parts of the stories I like the most, but I think that's because I care about the characters, or the narrative. Grave of The Fireflies is just 2 hours of bummer stuff and then credits. I get that it's based on a true story so criticizing it for weak characters maybe doesn't make a lot of sense, but you have to do more than just make the little girl act cute.

Glad to see others thinking this way too! This is why I so much prefer Barefoot Gen. There's emotion in that instead of melancholy.

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If Brock performs all WMXX-style in that match it will bury Reigns as well.

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@csl316 said:

I could see versus being fun, since the simple versus mode in ZOE 2 was harder to put down than I would've imagined. But MGS would rely on the honor system a whole lot.

Hell, the versus in ZOE 1 was really fun despite basically being a weird afterthought.

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I'm shocked they were still up.

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International orders appear to be working now.

EDIT: Sheeesh the current conversion rate. 29€ for a T-shirt to EU. Think I'll wait for my premium renewal and subsequent coupon.

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Apparently you guys don't ship to me anymore?

I've bought GB shirts before but now I get this:

Unfortunately there is no Shipping Rate available for your destination and/or weight of your cart.

Please contact the Shop Owner for further assistance.

I'm getting the same thing trying to order to Finland. I'll ping @rorie here again just in case.