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Why would they want to do that? Giantbomb didn't change for the worse when they left WM. This thread is stupid.

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This is great. I've enjoyed all your other Best of Bombcast collections, and this is a nice tribute to Ryan.

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You guys take all the time you need, I can't even imagine how hard this must be for you.

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@Xymox: Thanks buddy. Removed GB from the "https everywhere" list and it seems that did the trick.

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The content bar (News, Browse, Reviews, ect.) at the top of the site has been broken for me for a while now.

I'm running Windows 7, with the latest version of Chrome. The site works fine in both IE and in Firefox.

In addition to the bar being broken, I also have several missing icons, suck as the play icon on the videos and the PM icon.

This is what every page on the site looks like for me:

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Nice job duder! I'll enjoy looking through this.

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I really should get around to playing Dishonored. It seems like a game that would suit me great, as I love stealth games but I hate how many of them fall apart once you get spotted. I just have such a huge backlog of games I have to work through first.

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Shame to see it go, but I have to admit that the game has grown quite stale, so I understand this decision. Looking forward to getting together for some shenanigans one last time.

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This looked like fun. I've now finally installed Arma, so I'll try to join you whenever I can.

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You should hit up this thread. Great mixer organized by the GB Gaming Hub