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So, anybody else heard about that new Dragon Ball series?

"Dragon Ball Cho"
Airs in July of this year.
Toriyama's on board this time around, as well.
Color me excited, but also skeptical.

I wasn't a fan of Kami to Kami... so I'm a bit worried that even Toriyama won't be able to make this thing shine.
Still, the idea that there's going to be a new Dragon Ball series on in 2015 seems kind of crazy to me... and awesome. ^_^

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Part of me wants to see that Mount Your Friends image on a shirt...
but another part of me feels like I'd never wear it, since I know I'd get some weird stares from people if I did.

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@infamousbig said:

Hey, you guys may be able to help me. I kind of fall into Jeff and Dan's feelings on anime but for some reason was thinking about watching this one my buddy recommended to me a long time ago. Problem is, I can't remember the name of it. I suppose I could just ask him but that would be validating his opinion and that's no fun, right?

I tried searching for it, but came up with nothing. All I can remember is that he recommended it to me after he demoed my Oculus Rift so it had some kind of relevance to the VR conversation. I remember that it was a sci-fi anime and seemed to take place in some kind of city. Other than that, I remember it was on hulu, if that helps at all. Thanks jerks!

This might be a stretch, but maybe it's Cyber City OEDO 808?

One of the main characters (pictured below) wears a visor so perhaps that's where the VR discussion came in? Also, It's sci-fi, and there's "city" right in the title.

Anyway, I doubt it's what your friend was talking about, but even if you don't like anime, OEDO is still just a badass piece of classic animation. Totally recommendable to anybody who's into grimy, dirty, cyberpunk future action shit. (without any of the embarrassing anime tropes)

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Alright, so I was able to achieve what I wanted using Xbox360CE.
The only problem is that I have to set it up per-game instead of just an overall change to the controller drivers.

If anybody is familiar with Xbox360CE, and knows of a way for it to change the controller mapping for every game instead of just one, let me know.

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@corevi: How can I tell if something is directinput instead of xinput?

If it's not xinput, is it just not recognized by most games?
Does the driver name make a difference?

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Man, this was a really heartfelt article.
That whole middle section really made me tear up. :(

Good luck, Patrick! Onto greener pastures and... um... scoopier scoops? Or something. (I'm bad at jokes)

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@quantris said:

Haven't tried it but might fit the bill? Seems there's a free trial.

I also ran across this thread which points to a USB device that can probably do what you want & more, but it costs $60

That CronusMax device looks insane. Using a Dualshock 4 on an Xbox 360? A Wii Remote on a PS3?!
Anyway, it looks like a cool device, but I don't really require a lot of it's features, and $60 seems like a bit much for what I'd be using it for.

As for Pinnicle, I downloaded it, but while mapping things, it crashed. :/
Also, the program seems like it's a bit cumbersome for what I actually want to do... I'd prefer something a bit smaller and simpler, like Xpadder, except instead of mapping controller inputs to keyboard inputs (like Xpadder lets you do) I'd want to map controller inputs to other controller inputs.

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Alright, so... sometimes I really want to play games using an SNES pad.

I'm using this adapter and this adapter, and it actually works surprisingly well.

It essentially has both of those Gamecube controller ports show up as two seperate "USB Gamepad" drivers, and I believe it's using xInput, since most games recognize it immediately and show the button prompts as xbox360 prompts. However, the only problem is the buttons that it maps to. On any of the controllers I've tried using, the d-pad shows up correctly, as does the start button and the left bumper... however, everything else is weird.

They get mapped as such:

Windows Settingsin-game Xbox 360 promptphysical button on SNES / GC pad
Button-8RTSelect / Z-bumper

Now, I could just re-map the controls manually for each game but:

1) That's a bit annoying to have to do for each game I play
2) I'll have to deal with incorrect on-screen prompts

Does anybody know if there's any software out there that I can use to re-map a game controller's buttons at the system level (changing button 1 to button 3 for instance) instead of having to do it individually for each game?

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Wouldn't it be crazy if this was just a playable version of The Yogscast's "Shadow of Israphel" series? XD

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@hamst3r said:

I also went through Ping Pong The Animation and got a little misty-eyed there at the end, it was really good.

Also, watched The Professional: Golgo 13. I'd been familiar with Duke Togo as an icon of anime, but had never actually seen Golgo 13 until a few days ago. Duke is one cold sonuvabitch. Naked ladies be crawling all over him and he's just laying there, Duke Togo-ing. Not giving a fuck.

Ping Pong is pretty incredible. In fact, anything I've ever watched with Yuasa, Masaaki's involvement has been pretty fantastic. I really need to watch more of his work.

I've also never watched any Golgo 13, despite it being one of those big anime classics. I should probably give it a go at some point.


Anyway, I started watching Mobile Suit Gundam. Started at the beginning with the original 1979 series.
The first 6 or 7 episodes are decent, but don't really have much depth to them in terms of the storytelling...
However... I just finished episode 18, and ever since episode 8 it's been getting increasingly better with each episode.