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@super2j: Do they ever explicitly say he hasn't seen one? I can't remember.
It's possible he may have seen one, and didn't realize it was a magic ball that granted wishes, but still wanted to copy the design and sell them. The one he copies is the four-star ball, so perhaps he saw it at the same time Grandpa Gohan was buying it or something. Another possibility is that he found it, sold that four-star ball to Gohan and then, perhaps if Gohan paid a lot for it, he'd have the desire to create replicas. Anyway, it seems they just leave it open to interpretation.

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@super2j: Yeah, I guess that's the big problem with the whole series, really... looking at it from the battle shounen side of things instead of the adventure side of things. Goku was just always way too OP.

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@super2j: I totally agree! I had the same experience. Watched DBZ growing up, watched DragonBall afterwards and found it to be so much better. The past couple of months I've been going through it in Japanese, since I had only ever watched the English dub previously, and I definitely prefer the original language, there's so much more character to the characters in Japanese.
I also feel like DBZ probably should have ended after the Frieza saga like Toriyama wanted, instead of being dragged on and on after that point. Then again, I DO really like the Majin Buu saga just for it's overall originality and for adding more variety to the story instead of just battle after battle after battle.
In some ways, the Buu saga got back to what I loved so much about DragonBall. It started to get back to the grand adventure side of things.
Also, yes, General Tao is super memorable! :D

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So, I've been watching Kill La Kill.
To be honest, not sure why I still am at this point...
I just finished episode 18.

Why did this show have to change from the fantastic, entertaining silly hi-jinks in the first 7 or 8 episodes into this self-serious nonsense?
It started out simply having a light story in the background that wasn't really a major focus.
The focus was instead on silly, comedic bullshit and parodying generic anime tropes, poking fun at the industry, which was fantastic.

However, at some point that changed and it became more about the fighting, and then it changed again, and now there's all of this complex, ridiculous story being introduced that I couldn't give two shits about.
The worst part is, the show is taking itself far too seriously now... despite the story being filled with crazy nonsense.

They've managed to suck all of the fun out of the show and it's managed to turn itself into the generic shounen battle/fanservice anime that it was parodying in the first 7 episodes. UGH!
The only thing that really holds up is the artstyle, which has remained really nicely done throughout.

I mean, I've only got 6 more episodes to go, so I might as well finish it up... but god damn if this show didn't end up becoming incredibly disappointing.

Aside from that, I've been re-watching Dragon Ball, and that remains pretty fantastic. I currently just got up to the preliminaries of the second Tenkaichi saga.
I've also been re-watching Kemonozume, which I would highly recommend if anybody hasn't seen it. It's what I would consider one of Yuasa Masaaki's finest work.

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(alias) Iron Storm > "World Advanced Daisenryaku: Koutetsu no Senpuu"

(alias) Advanced Daisenryaku 98 II > "Advanced Daisenryaku 98 Zwei", "Advanced Daisenryaku 98 II Kanzenban", "Advanced Daisenryaku 98 Zwei Kanzenban"

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@gaff said:

From their site:

The Game Awards is not affiliated with or produced by Viacom Media Networks or Spike TV.

Well, that seems like a friendly enough reminder.

Hmmm... this at least gives me a little bit of hope that it'll be better than the VGAs. I've never had a problem with Keighley, so him being in charge of the production doesn't bother me... and without the corporate presence there, this could potentially be a more honest award show, even if they still sprinkle in trailers and music performances and such.
I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Based on the footage I saw in this week's Nintendo Direct, this looks a whole lot like Valkyria Chronicles, with a bit of X-Com mixed in... which sounds pretty damn good to me.

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Awh yeah! I never bought the PS3 version, but I played it briefly over my friend's house and it was fantastic. I'll likely pick this up.

Hopefully this does really well and revitalizes interest in the series.

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On day one, I subscribed to some stuff, but I haven't even looked at any of that stuff since.
I do like how the front page of the store is super customizable now, though. I'm the kind of person who doesn't want any early access stuff front-and-center.

I do kind of wish the recommendation queue worked a little better, though. The few times that I've went through it, it's just been filled with "this was recommended to you because it's popular", and nothing else.
I have plenty of hours sunk into games, and even some user reviews that it could be pulling data from to actually give me some slightly more personal recommendations.