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I looked up some of the differences... the PS1 version apparently has some extra minigames and cutscenes in the story mode, but doesn't have quite as polished graphics as the Dreamcast version. Anybody know if the HD version has that extra story stuff as well?

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@broomhitches said:

I like to have a fuck ton of action along with amazing story.

*ahem* may I point you in the direction of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

The recent TV Series, "Stardust Crusaders" just started airing this past Friday, but the first TV series from 2012 had tons of action! The story in it tended to be pretty good, as well, but... I guess I should say it basically just had really good characters which drove the story and made it interesting.

Also, I should mention... I found the first 9 episodes to be kind of middling. It only gets really good after Episode 10.
Much like they say in Dark Souls, "The REAL JoJo starts here" :P

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lol, I just realized Crunchyroll requires a subscription, even for new releases. Blah!
Oh well. I ended up watching HorribleSub's release, which seemed perfectly fine. :)

MAN. I'm definitely loving it already. All of the characters seem so interesting, and the animation is so much better than the 2012 series, while still keeping the art style firmly in tact. Man, I can't wait for episode 2! :D

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Looks like Crunchyroll got the rights to the best anime of 2012 and the soon to be airing best of 2014! That's right, time for some fabulous poses and ZA WARUDO.

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First episode of Stardust Crusaders is even better than I hoped it would be. I'm so excited for JoJo again.

How are Crunhyroll's subs? I feel like they're sometimes hit & miss for me.
I'm sure they don't get all crazy like [gg] did on JoJo 2012 (which I hated, btw)... but I'm just wondering.

One specific thing that would bother me is if they kept it as "Hamon" instead of translating it to "Ripple" or "The Ripple"

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This is great news!
Seems like the perfect guy for the job! :)

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Also can someone explain what this picture is from?

I don't know what it's from... all I know is that he's got a very Mr. Bean-like expression. :P

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I think perhaps I'll go back and watch all the other series in preparation for this new one.

You only need to watch the 2012 TV series, since it covers Parts 1 and 2, with Stardust being Part 3. P1 is pretty dated (it is from 1987, a lot of the series' themes not really set in stone yet), but P2 is magical. There's a set of OVAs from 1993 and 2000, which cover a severely abridged version of Part 3. They're...not great. They have moments of amazing animation (some episodes by the best in the biz at the time), but the tone just doesn't feel right (a little too serious, I think), and there's too much story missing. You can watch them but I'd wait until after the P3 TV series is done.

Yeah, after looking into it, that's what I decided on. I'm up to episode 13 of the 2012 series now. I didn't care for P1 much at all... but P2 (even after just 3 episodes) has made that all better. It's so good! :D

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Um, what? Did I?
What even?

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Darji said something about Attack on Titan in English, is the dub out?

Funi's been posting some clips on their YouTube channel recently if you wanna hear what the characters sound like. The BluRay is scheduled for June 3.
Personally, I think the cast seems like a mixed bag of good & bad. I think Armin probably sounds the best out of all the characters I've heard, here's a clip:

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@rubberluffy: Damn! Stardust Crusaders is looking sweet! I actually haven't seen any of the previous JoJo series', despite having the best intentions to watch them at some point, but consider me super hyped for this one!
I mean, damn, the animation looks really great, that art style is giving me a huge classic shonen vibe (Much in the same way Attack on Titan did), and the presentation looks top-notch. Also, the soundtrack (especially in the Jotaro PV you posted) is giving me a huge No More Heroes vibe.
I think perhaps I'll go back and watch all the other series in preparation for this new one.

Oh, also, if anybody's interested, I made a profile over at MyAnimeList and filled it with all of the anime I've ever watched (unless I forgot something).
Feel free to send me a friend request on there! :)