My Collection is quite large, spanning multiple consoles over time.

So, Instead of adding games in a giant alphabetical jumble to one collection list, I figured I'd do the more organized thing and make separate lists for each individual console.

However, after doing so, I felt the need to have them all listed in one place in chronological order, and since there's no way of editing the order in which the lists appear on your profile's "Lists" page, I took the initiative and listed them all here, with links to each one. Feel free to take a look through them.

My 2600 Games

My PC Games (Also see My Freeware / Free-to-play Games)

My NES Games

My Genesis Games

My Gameboy/Gameboy Color Games

My Super Famicom Games

My Super NES Games

My Jaguar Games

My Saturn Games

My Playstation Games

My N64 Games

My Dreamcast Games

My Playstation 2 Games

My Game Boy Advance Games

My Xbox Games

My Gamecube Games

My DS Games

My Playstation Portable Games

My Xbox 360 Games

My Xbox LIVE Marketplace Games (Also see Games I've Bought for Game Room)

My Playstation 3 Games

My Playstation Network Games

My Wii Games

My Wii Shop Games

My DSi Shop Games

My 3DS Games

My 3DS e-Shop Games

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