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Strangely I always come back to Lord of the Rings Online every Christmas. I'm not even a high level on it and I've never really been a fan of MMO's, yet every Christmas I'll re-install it to wander about. By time December has finished I've usually uninstalled it and forgotten about it again. I think it just reminds me of growing up, reading the books and being at home.

Even more strangely... I do the same, (not at Christmas though). I love your explanation. Never thought or analyzed why I do it, but I reckon it is the same for me. Nostalgia is a strong thing.

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I want the Giant Bomb staff to do whatever they love to do. If that is "serious journalism" or food tasting, or a college tour, or Formula 1, or wrestling, or whatever, it doesn't matter, as long as they love doing it. Because that passion will shine through and connect with the audience, even if you aren't that interested in the subject.

I came here (Gamespot) for "gaming journalism" but I stay here (Giant Bomb) because of the personalities and their passion.

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Thank you Ryan. Thank you for moving me, entertaining me and helping me. Your life spirit will continue to live on.

I first saw your face in your Nintendo newsletters on GameSpot, and even though the newsletter was crap, I kept subscribing to it. With Giant Bomb you gave me an opportunity to get to know you and I got starstruck. My heart will always be welcoming and open for you.


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Does this mean that my digital future with extended digital rights (legal way of sharing digital console games) have been limited? If so, I'm sad by this. Can't we have the best of two worlds?

People who love the disc-based system can still use that. And an opt-in plan for people like me (voluntarily disbanding support of disc-based gaming) so I still can use these new promising ideas!!

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@armoes said:

It's grand experiment. (We have choices.) Let's see how it all turns out.

(I like digital copies fine if they aren't a hassle.)

Well said.

"Choo choo" says the Xbox-digital-express. Soon Mr Gerstmann will be living the dream.

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happy happy happy

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Alex Navarro speaking his mind and at the same time being optimistic? That is completely mind blowing. In a really positive way!!

I'M CONFUSED. I thought I disliked Navarro's personality. WILL THIS AND UPCOMING ARTICLES TELL ME THAT HE IS A GOOD GUY?!?! Brrr.. Too many earth/internet shattering questions . but a really great read nonetheless! ;-)

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@AhmadMetallic said:

You're the guy who undermines and mocks other people's "personal thoughts" threads and then posts his own thread giving us the "right" way of thinking, right?

Being honest about one's personal thoughts isn't the same as being cynical and/or sarcastic, at least in my book.

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Alright opening, mindblowing middle, disappointing towards the end when it became a shooter, but still, I AM SO FUCKING PUMPED FOR THIS GAME IT IS UNREAL.

Give Watch_Dogs to me.

Indeed! Less shooting, more hacking and walking around enjoying the havoc your hacking has caused!

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Indeed. I really hope they emphasise on the digital control stuff rather than it being a shooter. I got my hopes up!!