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Note that not every game on that list is going to be considered a disappointment by everyone. Many people really like Destiny and Titanfall, for example, but there are also a great many people who got hyped up by the media promotion for those games and were disappointed with the final product.

I haven't played either, so I have no opinion.

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@jimbo said:

He's an immersive sim guy at heart. Not surprised he enjoyed the Nemesis system, that's right up his street.

Gone Home is an immersive sim? I'm not one of those people who thinks Gone Home isn't a game---in fact, I quite enjoyed it for what it was---but it is nothing like Deux Ex, Thief, System Shock, or Vampire Bloodlines.

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I'm genuinely interested in who approached who. A knee-jerk reaction would assume that Microsoft approached Telltale, but then I see the Borderlands game, and I have to imagine Telltale went after that one themselves. Maybe they just have a form e-mail they send everywhere.

I can't wait for Telltale's version of Resident Evil and Deus Ex.

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I almost walked out of the 2nd one, so there was no rush to see this one.

Yet, like the Star Wars prequels, I still feel the odd urge to see it in theaters. I (we?) are the reason these movies keep getting made.

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It's pretty sad that a company that has Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Mega Man, and a host of other popular franchises is that cornered financially.

Is it better than nothing? I don't know. Jason (or was it Jeff?) was pointing that the combat hasn't shown many differences yet, despite what people first believed, and as a casual fan of the SF4 the style looks mostly the same. I really hope they have a bunch of new ideas tucked away, but I am skeptical at this stage.

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I completely forgot about this until now.

One of the very few games where I achievement hunt. Such a great game.

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@devil240z: Well, then I should have put 2 instead of 1. I have a hard time thinking of a PC as a console.

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NeoGaf is showing that Ubisoft is releasing down resed images to make the new upgrade look better than it actually is:

Damn, Ubisoft. I know it is not your year, but that's no reason to shoot yourself in the foot.

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Saw this elsewhere.

I don't mind. In fact, I'm almost relieved. I have a lot of gaming to catch up on before then, and not a lot of time to do it.

People seem to be fine with it. Too many broken games recently. Better a polished game than a steaming hot mess.

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Submitted my list to the Google Doc: (Link to actual list)

I played more than 10 new releases in 2014, but I don't believe in voting for something just to fill up space. I still haven't gotten around to the new Dragon Age yet, which looks like it might take 1st place.

Good year for some CRPGs, not much else.