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@fredchuckdave: Interesting. What's the go-to tank class these days?

And did they ever implement something like 2 class builds you can switch between, one for leveling and one for raiding? I thought they might have implemented that, but then again it could have been a fever dream.

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@corevi: Worse than Fuuka? Or Yukiko?

Both passive, non-personalities.

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My sudden and deep descent into all things Hearthstone has made me interested in playing World of Warcraft again. I haven't played since 2006, when I got an Orc Warlock up to level 37 or so. It was okay, but I was ultimately undone by a constant character reroll disease that I had around the time.

Now I'd be interested in leveling up to endgame and maybe some PvP. Any ideas on how long that would take, given that I don't want to go straight to endgame but see a lot of the content along the way as well?

Any tips on race / class would be appreciated as well.

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@rudyarr said:

It's like Jeff said during the P3P quicklook "Junpei is no Yosuke"

Correct. Junpei is better.

Yosuke is a somewhat generic best friend who keeps getting hit in the nuts and has some issues about his parents' store and a girl he likes who works there.

Junpei is a rival who learns to accept you, uses his comedy to mask the fact the he knows he won't amount to much, and puts himself through hell to rescue a girl who feels her life has no value, only for her to sacrifice herself and to lead Junpei to believe in himself.

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I've always said the worst part of owning an Xbox is having to play it on my TV instead of my computer monitor. Problem solved!

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Back when I frequented Kotaku I got banned and de-starred (that's how long ago it was) for defending Owen in the comments from some random asshole. Apparently he thought I was being sarcastic, we chatted through e-mail, and I was unbanned.

It's nearly impossible to decipher sarcasm on the internet, and you can never tell what kind of day people are having. Not to mention Twitter seems to be worthless for anything other than complaining with very short arguments (IMO). I wouldn't worry about it.

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@corevi said:
@farkas said:

I'm not one to mess all over someone's personal preferences, but sheeeeeeeeeeeesh this list.

Yeah. A PS1 list with no JRPGs? No Persona, no Final Fantasy 9? You are straight dusted OP.

As someone who played the first 2 Personas, I would not recommend. The original Persona is balls. Straight balls. P2: Innocent Sin has some neat ideas, but if you were to play it absent the fondness of Persona 3 & 4 like many did at the time, it was a subpar PS1 RPG with Hitler and a modern setting. P2: Eternal Torment I'd recommend, but again, it's not much compared to Vagrant Story, the Final Fantasies, Xenogears, Vandal Hearts, the Suikodens, Final Fantasy Tactics, or even Wild ARMS. (Wild ARMS is probably debatable.)

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When I do, it'll probably be for this game.

Well, that and Persona 5.