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Depends on the game.

I spent 100 hours figuring out that I didn't like vanilla Civilization V.

Zen Bound 2 took me about 10 minutes.

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Recently? Always Sometimes Monsters. It's barely a game, and it's padded with work that is supposed to be boring to simulate how boring real work can be. Yes, I've had those jobs. I don't need a reminder of how shit they were.

All-time? Probably one of the Sims games. I want to like them, but it ends up feeling like a virtual simulation of my own life with mediocre results.

I guess I just find game that simulate what I'm already doing to be tedious.

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I'm just curious how long it will take for the game to come out. They just broke ground on this game, yes? Look at how long Final Fantasy XIII Versus / XV is taking. This could be a while, IF they don't cut corners.

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Top 10, if not Top 5.

I can see why people could argue for it being Top 5, and a poll could even put it there, but I really enjoy films like Conan (the first one) and Kindergarden Cop.

I would actually argue that Conan is his most underrated film. Like the first Rocky or Rambo, people tend to associate these films with their later dumb action sequels, not realizing how good the acting and story of the first films are.

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@wiredfolf: I definitely think the refund policy helped them choose this course of action, but I bet the flood of negative reviews didn't help either. The PC is being seen more and more as a primary revenue stream (post Skyrim and GTA5) instead of ancillary source.

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@twiggy199 said:

Another thing, I should be excited for DarkSouls III but I'm just not...

As someone who's put at least 100 hours into each game, I just don't care.

It's a weird feeling. This must be what Tony Hawk fans felt like.

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Jeff is a survivor.

I don't know about Dan. He talks a lot, but I can imagine him not being willing to take the steps needed to be the one. He could either be second behind Jeff, or third behind Jason.

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Man, did I enjoy River City Random and Super Dodge Ball as a kid.

No idea if I'd enjoy something along those lines today. I gave that Scott Pilgrim game a shot, and man did I struggle to finish that. I'm even one of the few that read and enjoyed the comic (though the movie... eh...).

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Very interesting piece. Well written.

I find it interesting to say that one has received cultural influence in the form of writing from others, because while it is undeniable that it is an exposure to an 'otherness' and can broaden the perception of ideas, things, and events, it is also just a snippet of a larger cultural structure.

For example, I wouldn't say that I understood or have been exposed to a lot of French culture because I have read Sartre, Camus, and Voltaire. They have all been incredible voices whose ideas have helped me foment my own, but they did not really expose me to the ideas of French culture in the same way that my time living in France did. Even then I would only say that I barely understand the cultural psyche, was only exposed to a regional variation of it, and often still find myself using pieces of my outside American perception when trying to make sense of their actions or opinions.

To many people it's a non-issue, as it's all just 'white culture.' (Not saying this is the case for Austin, rabid internet extremists.) This is the same attitude many are approaching Polish culture and identity with. It's all 'white culture,' is being treated as somewhat vaguely American, and is being criticized by American standards.

I know people have brought this up before, and sometimes I feel disingenuously, but would people make the same complaints about a game set in Chinese culture? Take Jade Empire. First, I'll admit that its a game made by Canadian culture, and therefore is different in that sense compared to The Witcher series. The game had only one person who was not East Asian, and that character was poking fun at white people. (No, rabid internet people, I'm not saying the character was offensive. And no, I'm not saying if it was another ethnicity that those people shouldn't be offended. They likely could and should be for cultural and historical reasons.)

Then there are games like the first three Assassin's Creed games, or the Lord of the Rings films and games, all of which lacked representation of a great variety of people. I'm sure there are many others.

So, I suppose what I'm trying to say and somewhat failing at, is that I find The Witcher series being the target for this debate to be a bit odd, given that it is a product of a non-American culture, and that there are so many more American targets that can be much better centers of debate for this topic.

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@somejerk: n-i-c-e-b-a-t? I'm trying to figure out why you italicized those letters in your post.

I'm confuse-ed.