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If they Loose the Groose I may actually be interested in this game.

I loved Twilight Princess... But who the hell is Agitha?

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Thankfully got put on my favorite color, purple, and we aren't doing so bad as of this post.

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I've started watching his videos in the last 6 months or so, I Greatly disliked his early videos as they were all just high pitched screams and bad jokes, but what I've seen this year at least has been alright. And my sister Loves him for some reason (she's 23) so there's that I guess. She explained it was because he had a "pretty face".

He seems like a pretty nice person in real life and he beat Dark Souls (sure he looked things up online, but so did I, who cares) so let's live and let live.

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Well, at least people are giving Ni no Kuni a shot. :(

At first I was upset it was on so many "Mediocre" lists, but then I realized I was just happy it got mentioned at all lol.

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Jeff Gerstmann's Snark is keeping me alive in this desolate world.

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Those E3 press conferences just weren't the same without you duder, Last year you were god damn hilarious, i'll never forget it!

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If this is true then there is no Majora's Mask game, and I therefore refuse to believe this piece of paper.

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How about some Paper Mario characters?

Might be weird to animate but i'd be fine with interpretations and not paper-based people.

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Well...At least Ni No Kuni wasn't on your "Worst" list... but still, your opinion makes me sad :'(

if the battle system didnt suck i would have loved ni no kuni

To each his own, but the combat was one of my favorite parts of that game.

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Well...At least Ni No Kuni wasn't on your "Worst" list... but still, your opinion makes me sad :'(