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Hell Yeah! My home town!

Was that the statue of General Hooker? The geography around that didn't look exactly right but What-Ever dude, BOSTON! YES!

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@yummylee said:

I always dictate how my party members level up when given the option.

I don't think I have ever used an auto level-up system in any game ever.

Though your point about doing auto for the first couple levels to see where the game thinks the characters should go is interesting, that's actually pretty smart.

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If it wasn't $60 i'd probably pick it up, it looks... Interesting, at least.

But I just bought The Witcher 3 last week and i'll be getting Batman by the end of the month.. so No Sale!

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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is another entry into the long running series. Hopefully this one adds a bit of complexity that the others have lacked.

Wait, this sounds like Austin has played previous Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games... Do we finally have a GB member that likes/ Cares-for-in-the-slightest about Pokemon games?!?!?

I don't give a shit about the mystery dungeon games or most of the spin-offs, I just want someone who likes the main games!


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Oh wait for real? There's a new guy on the GBEast team? Cool!

Never heard of him, I hope I'm as happy with him as I have been with Dan & Jason!

(on a side note; I played some Roundabout for the first time yesterday and saw your big debut Fobwashed! Get it son!)

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Big Hero 6 - 4/5

I thought this movie was great! Didn't really have any expectations for it other than that i'd heard it was pretty good and boy was it a swell film. I only give it a 4 instead of a 5 because there are some common movie tropes strewn about and you can see the major plot points coming relatively early. But other than that the animation is gorgeous, the big white robot on all the advertising is a super like-able character, and its pretty funny!

Highly recommended! For all ages!

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Oh man I forgot all about this game. So excited to go down the rabbit hole of what i've missed since those first couple videos.

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@vikingdeath1: Valiant Hearts doesn't have a platinum.

Wait... REALLY?!? Oh dammit! I was so excited to get my first one! I though All playstation games had them? isn't it just the "You got all the other trophies" Trophy?

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But I'm literally one away from getting the Platinum for Valiant Hearts!!

... I'll get it tonight...

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Reading your post makes me want to go play that game again. I remember LOVING the ending, and the stuff where you play as that other guy (I guess his name is "Yasha" as you said? Oh jeez I can't remember) I remember being pretty satisfying as well.

Shit man, Is this game on Playstation Now? It'll give me a reason to try out that service.

Hope I don't break any controllers by mashing buttons too hard this time though...