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@jesus_phish: Whenever i take a turn I try to drift by holding the Square button, is that the powerslide or the brake? Maybe i'm just pushing the wrong buttons.

I've been playing more lately and I don't think I hate the Batmobile, I like it at times, its really just the occasional forced car chase where I need to turn and I can never make those turns smooth enough to keep my speed up.

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I can't get the turning down, I always spin out or turn too much/too little and miss my turn.

I spent 22 minutes chasing Firefly around the city because I just could not keep up with him, every time I Almost had him he would turn or I would fumble and he'd be gone. I Really hated that chase sequence. The Riddler races are at least short & easily repeatable if you fuck up, I sort of like those missions.

The tank is actually my favorite part, but only because the driving feels like utter shit to me so Anything is better.

Translation: I am terrible at/ hate Driving games. They made my Batman game into half a driving game. I didn't ask for this.

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Patrick got me into playing Virtual Novels, such as Virtue's Last Reward & Danganronpa, and I Never would have played those without the coverage on GiantBomb.

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@atwa said:

He did well?

He got absolutely bodied.

Yeah that was the impression I got. Not saying I expected Dan to be a masterful Smash player or anything, he did fine and looked like he was having fun, but the opener of: "His performance may surprise you!" was a tad misleading.

That K.O. punch was Hype though.

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Even if you're supposedly dating Triss, you interact a lot more with Yennefer than her from that point on.

That is pretty disappointing to hear. I've been worried about who to romance (Yen or Triss) since I only played The Witcher 2 and have very little idea who the hell Yennefer even is. I have a lot of history with Triss from that 2nd game, while I feel like Yennefer was mentioned maybe a handful of times in that game and I have no clue who she is, but the game Obviously wants you to know her and Geralt have important history (and she was a more important character in the books), so I've felt like the game is pushing me towards Yennefer when from the few times I've spoken with her she has come off incredibly offputting. (Geralt had AMNESIA FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! How is that not a good enough excuse?!? He literally didn't know you existed!!)

I was afraid that the game was designed for you to be involved with Yennefer, but Man she makes a bad first impression. I feel like once I get to Skellige (Gotta get All those question marks/ side quests in Velen/Novigrad first!) Yennefer is going to be a much more prominent character and i'll have already professed my love to Triss, but she doesn't show up much after that point? That is unfortunate.

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I'm about to hit level 19 and i'm still in Velen/Novigrad (is that what it's referred to as? Since it's 2 places but only one map?) And the main story quests I have are level 12. I've already gotten Every question mark I can see on the map (Though i'm still discovering more & discovering places that never displayed a question mark in the first place) And now i'm working on finishing every quest that is lower than my level before I continue the story...

Oh man, I really want to go to Skellige now... But I can't! Not yet!!

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Man if Angry Birds had made the list I would've been Soooo bummed. Not that its a terrible game or anything, i just wouldn't put it in my top 100 let alone top 6.

Perfectly fine list of 6 great/ important games.

I'm just happy Pokemon got nominated.

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Been coming to the site for like 5 years and I think I have flagged One comment, and it was one of those "CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH THIS SWEET BOXING MATCH"-type deals.

But that sounds like a super shitty thing to do, what kind of asshole would do that?

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I had never heard any of those songs before (I don't listen to much music), and I'm using Beats headphones which I've been told are decent quality (I haven't a clue):

I got 1/6 songs. The Mozart one.

Guess I can't tell shit! which I assumed would be the case.

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Hell Yeah! My home town!

Was that the statue of General Hooker? The geography around that didn't look exactly right but What-Ever dude, BOSTON! YES!