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Classic Rock isn't a genre, it's a radio format. It's pretty much only defined by whoever programs the major Classic Rock stations.

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@dudeglove: I'm pretty sure both (probably all three) Sentinels can throw their shields.

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The differences between the two games in terms of gameplay is kind of being overstated. The second is definitely an improvement, but it's not like the first is antiquated as a result. I suggest playing the first one first since I think the first few areas of that game are the best of either game in terms of feeling like you're exploring a world. I feel like it would give the best experience as a beginner.

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Yeah a lot of the spells seem super situational. I have Soul Spear Barrage too which absolutely wrecks the first Ruin Sentinel. Drop in, dodge the first swing and cast cast cast cast and he's basically done. But I can't imagine it being useful outside of similar close quarters fights. I'm having trouble with the rest of the fight currently though. I've gotten close a few times, but it's just hard to stay out bad situations when there are still two of them left. Especially since they two-shot me right now, meaning I have to get a heal in every time I take hit, which means I'm open to their ranging closing attacks. Anyway, it's doable but tough for me right now.

I also tried the Skeleton Lords a couple times and got wrecked by the wheel guys. I feel like I need to take a shield for this fight just so I don't get caught in a loop of constantly getting knocked down by them.

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I've never played a (primary) magic user in a souls game before, so I'm still kind of learning how that part of the game works. I mostly ignored sorceries and hexes. I thought it would be pretty different playing without a shield, but really I would dodge most bosses anyway.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with how my dude's built out so far:

I've got Hexer's set, the starting staff and fire longsword, both upgraded a few times, Soul Arrow, Great Soul Arrow, Great Heavy Soul Arrow and Fireball. I've got the Sunset Staff too, and I've been pumping FTH in anticipation of getting into some hexes at some point.

So what should I go for next? I like having something to work towards for my character in this game. I know about the Lion Mage set. What gear/spells should I seek out? Any general tips?

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Yeah it kind of sucks that there's a pretty small pool of cards that are clearly so much better than the rest. And how about stuff like Bloodfen Raptor? Why would you ever play it when you have Ooze available to you? The only reason would be as a Hunter for the Beast synergy, but then there's River Croc for the same cost with more health. I don't get it at all.

But anyway, I think it would be great to have tournaments where you are forced to build unusual decks. Make it clear they're totally for fun.

What makes you say Warlock by the way? Because of the ability to draw?

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@c0v3rt: No rares either and I'd be interested; neutral rares are some of the most overplayed, boring cards in the game.

If you limit it to basic cards, it's just going to turn into a mage tournament. Unless we're talking only banning neutral cards.

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@starvinggamer: Well, that's sort of true but you have to be able to play in a way that lets you hang on long enough to come back.

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It takes awhile, but eventually you learn the game enough that you can win at lower ranks easily without an optimal deck. For the most part, fill your deck with minions that often trade favorably and you'll have a good shot at winning if you play with card advantage in mind.

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I've gone 12 once. Lost my first game and ended up 12-2 as a mage. Easily the best draft I ever had:

Literally only one vanilla minion. So many cards to generate advantage and control until I could cast Pyroblast to win. I almost feel bad for how easy it was to get 12 wins with this draft.

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